Board of Civil Authority Meeting Minutes: February 7, 2024

Attendees: Board of Civil Authority Members: In Person: Carol Hesselbach, Priscilla Cotton, Katy Johnson-Aplin, Cristine White.
On Zoom: Sandra Dadik, Kate Gehring, Gloria Cristelli

Pricilla Cotton called the meeting to order at 6:03 PM.

Additions or changes to agenda. Carol Hesselbach said that she would like to add an agenda item regarding testing the tabulator. Discussion of tabulator testing by Priscilla Cotton, Katy Aplin-Johnson, Cristine White, and Carol. Cristine and Priscilla volunteered to do the testing. It was decided to plan to do it on Wednesday, February 14, at 3:00 PM.

Review new voters. Carol explained that she is required to provide the BCA members with a list of new voters added to the checklist since the last time we reviewed the checklist. Christine believes Jonathan Jackson has moved to Brookline but is not positive. Katy pointed out a spelling error and believes Marion Anderson has died. Carol will try to ascertain if these people should be challenged after the election.

Approve Assistant Election Officials. Carol asked that the BCA approve the use of any Newfane registered voter as an Assistant Election Official for Town Meeting Day and for all elections in 2024. She asked that the list of registered voters be approved so she can ask for community volunteers. Katy made a motion that the list be approved. Christine seconded it. The motion passed.

Determine pairs of BCA members to deliver ballots to homebound voters. Carol explained that it is a requirement to have pairs that combine BCA members from both political parties who will bring the ballots if requested. She also said that there is almost always no one who asks for that delivery, especially since ballots can be requested by mail. Carol asked who could volunteer. Priscilla and Cristine agreed to make up a pair for delivery of ballots.

Discuss town meeting election and when BCA members can serve. Carol then asked for BCA members to tell her when they could help at the polls on election day at Union Hall. Some slots were filled in. Carol will ask the other BCA members by email to let her know when they can help.

Discuss early processing of absentee ballots and determine if/when that will take place and who will process them. Discussion by Priscilla, Cristine, Carol. Since it is hard to tell at this point how many absentee ballots will be requested, it was agreed to wait and have the Town Clerk contact everyone if it appears
appropriate to process ballots early.

Any other legal business. Nothing else was discussed.

A Motion to Adjourn was made by Cristine, seconded by Katy.
The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Carol Hesselbach, Clerk of the BCA