Selectboard Minutes Monday May 4, 2020

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT Remote access: Marion Dowling and Michael Fitzpatrick, Shelly Huber, Christopher Williams, Angela Sanborn and BCTV

 OTHERS PRESENT:  Remote access: Jay Wilson, Melissa Brown and Wannetta Powling.


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair Marion Dowling.


·         Take a vote to have Admin. Assistant to return to work

·         Christopher Williams’s behavior during last meeting, a motion was made by Ms. Sanborn that Executive Session to be tabled until next regular live meeting was seconded by Ms. Huber.

Motion passed


A motion made by Mr. Fitzpatrick to accept the minutes of March 27, as amended and seconded by Ms. Sanborn. Motion Passed.  As Amended (New business no vote was taken in the minutes)

A motion made by Mr. Fitzpatrick to accept the minutes of April 6, and seconded by Ms. Sanborn.

Motion Passed.


  1. We have set the pre-bid meeting for Monroe Bridge as May 26th at 9:00.
  2. There is progress on both the Sand/Salt shed project and the Depot Rd. box culvert.
  3. The VTRANS bridge inspectors have been down to do their yearly inspection of the Arch Bridge. They had recommended removing some loose concrete from the bridge sides and bottom, I called Carolyn Cota who is in charge of the new bridge she has suggested it would be better not to disturb anything on the bridge.
  4. We have been cleaning culverts as well as graveling and grading roads now that some of the restrictions have been eased.
  5. We have a chance to buy a number of used large concrete blocks from a local resident these would work well to keep the gravel from running into the driveway as we could build a retaining wall with them. We can buy them for approximately $1200 this would be half the cost of new ones.

Discussion over the purchasing of the blocks ensued.

A motion was made by Mr. Williams to purchase the concrete blocks for twelve hundred dollars, and seconded by Mr. Fitzpatrick. Motion Passed.

A motion was made by Ms. Sanborn to accept the Road Foreman’s report and seconded by Ms. Huber Motion Passed.


  1. One or two members of the committee have been on the conference calls since the beginning, generally there have been at least two per week.
  2. We have not received any requests for assistance from any of our residents, I have heard of many neighbors assisting each other so it seems the needs are being met.
  3. There is a group of volunteers that are available to assist with shopping, etc. They are in the process of trying to get the word out that they are available.
  4. The select board needs to adopt the current Town Emergency Plan tonight and then this summer when things settle down Vermont Emergency Management may have suggestion of additions to the plan. We can then revisit the plan at that point.
  5. Newfane has between 1 and 5 cases of Covid-19 but they don’t give us the exact number. People need to stay vigilant especially as more businesses open up.
  6. The Fire Dept. and State Police have been in contact concerning the swimming holes on the Rock River. They have also been in contact with the property owner to try and limit use of the swimming holes.

A motion was made by Ms. Sanborn to accept the Emergency Management report and seconded by Mr. Williams, Motion Passed.


I have been working remotely from my house this past month. The transition has been smooth and working great. I have forwarded all my calls from the office to my house phone so people can get in touch with me. I stop by the office regularly to pickup any mail. I stop at the town garage once a week and we exchange paper work through the mailbox.

Last year we had put 5 accounts into CD’s for 12 months totaling $86,546.56. These funds will mature this week. I have looked into options for other CD’s or savings accounts. At this time there is nothing good for interest rates. The banks are all at around .30%. Currently this CD is 2.10%.  I would suggest that we roll these CD’s over for the shortest amount of time, which is 91 days, and see if the interest rates are better then.  As soon as I get the final interest from these CD’s I will post the total amounts to each account.

A motion was made by Ms. Huber to rollover the current CD’s at Brattleboro Savings & Loan for a 91 day Term and seconded by Ms. Sanborn Motion Passed.

We received from VLCT the grant for the Williamsville Hall Alarm system in the amount of $2,710.00. This will complete the Grant.

Currently the total balances in the accounts are:

  • Reappraisal – $58,090.98
  • Capital – $338,845.41
  • Village Tree Grant – $1,310.90
  • Monument Up-Keep – $2,148.24
  • Fred Adams Fund – $706.78
  • Records Restoration Fund – $12,235.25
  • General Fund – $1,9789,74.80

The General Fund looks high but, I will be paying the schools payment this week in the amount of $890,757.02, which is our normally quarterly amount. We also have some invoices coming up this month that will be paid to the State of Vermont for non-residential education and to the Windham Courts that are also larger amounts along with our monthly invoices and debt service. The remainder of this money needs to carry us to August when our next tax payments come in.

All of my monthly and quarterly reporting is completed. I have just finished the bi-annual FHWA-536 for VT Agency of Transportation.

Melissa Brown Town Treasurer

Ms. Sanborn made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report Mr. Williams seconded.

Motion passed.


  • I have returned the computer and printer to the town office in order for the Selectboard to continue to have meetings, and to comply with open meeting laws.
  • I have downloaded a program that allows me to connect remotely from my laptop to the Desk top at work. I am able to access all of my emails and files that are on the desktop.
  • The VT State Police contract is coming up for renewal June 30th, 2020. I wanted to remind the Selectboard that you had previously discussed the possibility of splitting / sharing hours with the Windham County Sheriff’s office.  There was also a slight increase in the budget for added patrol you had planned for Traffic Calming.
  • As of Thursday morning all of the Town Employees and some of the elected officials at Town Hall have completed the “Return to work Certification Form” .

I have taken the following paragraphs from the ST of VT Governors Office- Addendum 11 to The Executive Order.     “This Addendum 11 shall take effect upon signing and, except as modified in this Addendum 11, the Executive Order and all Addenda thereto and Directives issued thereunder, shall continue in full force and effect until midnight on May 15, 2020, at which time the Governor, in consultation with the Vermont Department of Health and the Department of Public Safety/Division of Emergency Management shall assess the emergency and determine whether to amend or extend this Addendum”.

“All businesses, non-profit entities and government entities shall continue procedures to support work from home and telecommuting for all workers to the extent possible. We cannot allow for a resurgence of COVID-19 that would undermine or lose the important public health outcomes achieved to date.  Our work to transition Vermont out from under the Stay Home order swiftly and responsibly will take just as much effort and goodwill as we have all expended in recent weeks. Working closely with the Health Department, the State Emergency Operations Center, and dedicated professionals across State government, we have developed, and will continue to refine, critical steps to ensure the health and safety of Vermonters and the continuity of our healthcare system”.

Respectfully, Wannetta Powling

Ms. Sanborn made a motion to accept the Administrative Assistant report and Mr. Williams seconded.  Motion passed.



OLD BUSINESS:Reviewing the annual lease of the Cat excavator, the Board discussed the options.Mr. Williams made a motion to renew the Lease, Mr. Fitzpatrick seconded for discussion purposes. Discussion ensued.

  • It was revealed that 340 machine hours were used over the past year.
  • Ditching was done on Sunset Lake, Newfane Hill and Jones Hill road.
  • 20 + culverts work. 
  • There was also Hunter Brook Bridge work.
  •   Additionally the Cat lease should be added as an article for our next Town Meeting.

A motion was made to table further discussion until additional information was received. It was decided to have a member of the Selectboard and Road foreman speak with the Cat representative and report back to the full board at a future meeting as to what would be in additional options, and the interest of the town.  Motion Passed.


Question was raised if the Selectboard members have the power to suspend or defer the tax payment dates.

Email from Attorney Robert Fisher regarding duties the Selectboard members must follow. These duties are as directed in the Oath of office.




  • Accounts Payable 20023 in the amount of $915,211.86
  • Accounts Payroll 11449 A in the amount of $ 5,668.91
  • Accounts Payroll 11449 in the amount of $ 4,236.08

Accounts Payroll 11450 in the amount of $ 6,810.64A motion was made by Mr. Fitzpatrick and seconded by Mr. Williams to approve the pay orders.  The motion carried.


A motion was made by Mr. Williams to adjourn the meeting. Meeting Adjourned at 7:07 pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Wannetta Powling

**We want to stay committed to the mandate issued by the Government regarding COVID 19 –

Anything that is not time sensitive should wait to a future meeting.

Please let’s remember to Stay Safe