Everyone Eats!

Everyone Eats

Everyone Eats! has provided a lifeline to restaurants, farmers/producers, and people throughout the community during an extended crisis. Vermont’s vaccination rate is rising, infection rates are dropping, restaurants and businesses are reopening, and the economy is recovering. We are heartened to see a decrease in the need for this program.

For some folks, maybe you, however, the need is still here. If someone you know or you continue to be negatively impacted by COVID and need a meal, Everyone Eats! is here for you.

  • What: FREE meals for you purchased from area restaurants
    Omnivore, Gluten Free, Vegetarian & Vegan Options
  • When: Every Thursday from 5:00 to 6:00 pm
  • Where: In front of the Newfane Congregational Church
  • Who: Anyone who continues to be negatively impacted by COVID
  • How: CONFIDENTIAL REGISTRATION IS NECESSARY for both pick up and delivery which is available for the homebound and folks unable to make the pick up time. https://forms.gle/V1svDjZhJgdwXTfH6 or find the link at the West River Valley Mutual Aid webpage.
  • Limits: Only one meal per person.
  • Note: You may pick up for other families, but they MUST BE REGISTERED.

If you have any questions or need to call for delivery, or help with registration,
contact Jeryl at 802-348-7173. If leaving a message,
please leave your name and phone number.

Meals provided by Everyone Eats program. https://vteveryoneeats.org/
Meal distribution in Newfane is provided by West River Valley Mutual Aid volunteers: