May 6, 2022 Selectboard Minutes

Zoom Meeting     ID: 972 2791 1757   Passcode: 352680

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:   Angela Sanborn, Katy Johnson- Aplin, Jeffrey Chevalier, Ann Golob (via Zoom), and Mike Fitzpatrick (phone)

OTHERS PRESENT:   Austin Rice from B.C.T.V., and Wannetta Powling, Steve Levine (via Zoom)

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Selectboard Chair Angela Sanborn.



    1. May 2nd,   2022, Regular Meeting

Ann Golob made a motion to approve the May 2nd regular meeting minutes. Katy Johnson- Aplin seconded. Motion passed 5/0.

    1. May 2nd, 2022, Board of Liquor Control

Jeff Chevalier made a motion to approve the May 2nd Board of Liquor Control minutes. Katy Johnson- Aplin seconded. Motion passed 4/0/1. Mike Fitzpatrick abstained.


    1. The Arch Bridge cement footings were poured on the south end on Friday.
    2. Re: Gravel pit Act 250 application: I had the meeting with Bill Jewell and Lial Will from the State of Vermont; they are coming up with a plan to address the little seasonal stream that goes through the gravel pit. Bill is also working on the archeological part of the permit process.
    3. I have sent all the documents to the VTrans right of way person for 254 Depot Rd. Hopefully, we can get a clear R.O.W. certificate.
    4. I asked Melissa Brown to check with the town auditors about moving the money from Retreatment and Bridge Contracted Services in the current budget to the Capital Fund. The Selectboard just must vote on doing so.
    5. The State sent two people to do a hydraulic study for the culvert at the entrance to Loop Rd. on Friday, and they will have a study done in a couple of weeks.
    6. I met with the person doing the bee pollinator gardens today. He liked the two lots across from Newell’s and will be getting back to the Selectboard.

Mike Fitzpatrick made a motion to accept the Road Forman’s Report. Ann Golob seconded.


Katy Johnson- Aplin made a motion to move the money in Retreatment and Bridge Contracted Services to the Capital Fund. Mike Fitzpatrick seconded. Motion passed 5/0.

No further discussion –

Motion on the table to accept the Road Forman’s Report, the vote was called. 

Motion passed 5/0


  • I sent Rescue the RSVP for the meeting Thursday, May 19th @ 6:30, regarding the long-term effect of Brattleboro’s decision to drop services.
  • I completed the May 11th V.L.C.T. “Legal and Effective Meetings” training. I have made copies of the PowerPoint for your review.
  • On Tuesday, May 24th starting at 10-noon, there is the V.L.C.T. presentation on Regulating Cannabis, “What Municipal Officials need to know.” I will be out of the office – if you would like to attend – I can still register you this week.
  • Some of you will be attending the remote Economic Summit next Thursday, May 26th. You should have received an email confirmation and login information.
  • Jay may have mentioned that May 19th will end the 30-day waiting period for the Condemnation on 254 Depot Road.
  • I would like to share with you some information regarding the Town Office building.
    1. The building was painted in September 2017 – the walls inside were painted later that fall.
    2. The research shows that the floors have not been refinished since 1984.
    3. The ability to do training or hold conversations in the main room is increasingly difficult. Sometimes impossible.
    4. The building committee would like to revisit the idea of modest renovations and present them to the Selectboard on the June 20th

Mike Fitzpatrick made a motion to approve the Administrative Assistant’s Report. Katy Johnson- Aplin seconded.

Motion passed 5/0.





  1.  ARPA Funding Opportunities: A brief update was provided by Ann Golob and Angela Sanborn. They have meetings scheduled with the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation and are in the process of gathering material to discuss how the town could establish a business grant program.

  2. Cannabis Law: Katy Johnson- Aplin did not have any additional information and is waiting to learn more after the webinar on May 24th. Administrative Assistant – Wannetta Powling was asked to share her research on how Towns in Windham County are handling Cannabis issues. Of the 22 towns in Windham County currently, there are:
  • Eight that have approved retail Cannabis
  • One that rejected Cannabis
  • Ten have not acted
  • Three that were unavailable

Currently, only Brattleboro is benefiting from the local 1% sales tax. Dover could benefit from the tax if they were to approve retail Cannabis; as of May 16th, they were among the towns that had not acted. Eight of the ten towns that have not acted acknowledged that it has not come up on the Selectboard Agenda or discussed at Town Meeting.

  1. Williamsville Grange Upgrades

Steve Levine joined the meeting via Zoom to discuss the steps being taken by the Williamsville Hall committee to get the needed estimates for the repairs. Steve is meeting with contractor Randy Clark in the next few weeks to get an estimate on some of the repairs and the cover over the outside stairway.

Hall Committee members have family members that may be able to assist with grant research. This could help defray the cost and maximize the amount of work that can get done.

Discussion ensued regarding purchasing two air purifiers for both up in the hall and in the kitchen and dining area. Mike Fitzpatrick made a motion to approve spending up to $1,200 from hall expenses. Jeff Chevalier seconded.  Motion passed 5/0.

Coming events will include the following: a once-a-month community breakfast starting in June, and the Rock River Players will perform several One-Act Plays.



(Attending remotely, Ann Golob and Mike Fitzpatrick withdrew and left the meeting at 6:27.)


    1.    Payroll Warrant No#11568                           Amount $   5,207.35
    2.    Payroll Warrant No#11569                            Amount $   4,760.24
    3.    Accounts Payable No# 22025                        Amount $   194,820.76

Jeff Chevalier made a motion to approve Pay Orders. Katy Johnson- Aplin seconded                    Motion passed 3/0

ADJOURN:   Jeff Chevalier made a motion to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 6:40 pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Wannetta Powling, Administrative Assistant