Monday January 18th, 2020 Selectboard Minutes

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BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Marion Dowling, Mike Fitzpatrick, Shelly Huber, Christopher Williams and Angela Sanborn

OTHERS PRESENT:  Jay Wilson, Ken Estey, Dan Dewalt, Deborah Luskin, Jane Douglas, Lynn Forrest, Carol Hesselbach, Priscilla Cotton, Sandra Dadik, Brenda Siegel, Gloria Cristelli, Jerly Julian-Cisse  Margaret Wimberger, Thomas Ely, Galen -BCTV and Wannetta Powling

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair Marion Dowling.


Investment Property- Ms. Huber updating

Motion was made to table until a future meeting.


  • January 4th, 2021 Regular Meeting
  • Ms. Sanborn made a motion to accept the minutes. Mr. Fitzpatrick seconded.
  • Motion passed.
  • January 11th, 2021 Budget meeting
  • Ms. Sanborn made a motion to accept the minutes. Ms. Huber seconded.
  • Motion passed. 4/1 Mr. Williams abstained.


  1. The letter that the Selectboard signed asking for VTRANS assistance with the damage from the Christmas day storm has been submitted. We have completed as much of the emergency repairs, that we can do until warm weather returns.
  2. The Depot Rd Culvert update: The foreclosure auction for 254 Depot Road is scheduled for tomorrow and I will plan on attending to make contact with the new buyers about the easement that is still needed.
  3. The Newfane village speed committee had a zoom meeting to discuss the Road Safety Audit. The recommendations they wanted to follow up on are VTRANS painting dynamic striping at the village entrances, new signage at the entrance to the village, radar feedback signs and applying for a Pedestrian Scoping Study grant to look at potential crosswalk locations and sidewalk work.
  4. The Sand/Salt shed update: Bell Engineering is now working on the next phase of the plans and he has staked out the building. We had a zoom meeting to get updates last week. We may have to postpone the work for a year as it seems that costs are up significantly           and our VTRANS municipal project manager felt we may get better pricing bid mid-winter next year.
  5. The storm this past Saturday knocked down many trees and power lines. The last of the roads to get reopened were last night with Stratton Hill Rd. and River Rd.
  6. I have attached the RFP for the Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Proposal. We need to have this in place to apply for future FEMA grants. This plan takes approximately a year to complete. The grant we have is for $10,000 with a 25% town match so we would need to come up with our share of $2,500 it can be a combination of money and in-kind labor.

Ms. Huber made a motion to move ahead with the Grant process.  Ms. Sanborn seconded. Motion passed. 5/0

Ms. Sanborn made a motion to approve the Road Foreman’s Report.  Mr. Fitzpatrick seconded. Motion passed. 5/0


  1. There will only be one Informational Meeting, Monday March 1st. This will allow enough time for the Town Reports to be mailed & received.
  2. The team has been working with Cor & Austin at BCTV to work on the extra details needed to provide for the informational meeting.
  3. I am working very hard to finishing up the Town Report; it will go to the printers the end of the week.
  4. Now that the Commons newspaper box has been moved, Mark Gray is aware of attention needed for the steps at Williamsville Hall.
  5. It is my recommendation with the amount of correspondence the Selectboard has received since the budget meeting of January 11th. That the Selectboard approve the 19th Article as written and let the voters decide the appropriations for Restorative Community Justice of S. V.T.
  6. Articles 6 &7 have the correct dollar amount, Article #5 figures in the General fund I expect to have tomorrow.

Ms. Sanborn made a motion to approve the Administrative Assistance Report.  Mr. Williams seconded. Motion passed 5/0.


  • The Selectboard received letters regarding the proposed Article #19: Restorative Community Justice of Southern VT (RCJ).
  • Members of the Selectboard began by reading letters of support from Margaret Wimberger and Thomas Ely. Additional letters from Ann Golob, Apple Gifford and Ken Estey were heard.
  • Discussion ensued.
  • Selectboard Chair called on many individuals that wanted to express comments, as well as provide additional information.
  • Ms. Sanborn made a motion to place Restorative Community Justice of Southern VT appropriation request on the ballot. Ms. Dowling seconded. Motion passed: 4/1 Ms. Huber opposed.


Deborah Luskin provided insight for the “Zoom Procedures” to be used for the informational meeting, prior to this year’s Australian vote / Town Meeting.   BCTV, Newfane staff and volunteers will be working on the extra details needed for the informational meeting, which will be held on March 1st.

Recommendations were made to have notice of “Zoom Procedures” (for the Informational Meeting) posted at all the regular sites, as well as front page forum and the Town website.

The Selectboard extended its gratitude to Ms. Luskin for her efforts of support and assistance.


Planning Commission Chair Ken Estey mentioned that the commission is working on Economic Development. Jane Douglas gave Broadband report since joining the Deerfield Valley Communication Union District (DVCUD) Ms. Forrest asked for comments and questions regarding Short Term Rental to be sent for the commission to review.




Mr. Fitzpatrick reported that he had spoken with the dog owner in S. Newfane, to follow up on what measures they were using to control the three dogs running at large thru the yards of their neighbors. They have been tying the dogs out one at a time, they provide long walks for the dogs while on leash. Mr. Fitzpatrick will provide photographic proof of compliance “Sometime next week” for the Board.

Ms. Sanborn read an email from the director at the Windham County Human Society, stating their observations, of dog behavior following a recent visit the owners made for their dogs.



CORRESPONDENCE:   (Filed in folder)

  1.  Barry Aleshnick –Expressed his appreciation for allowing the Commons Newspaper box to relocate to the Williamsville Hall.
  2. Ann Golob –Letter was read supporting Restorative Community Justice of Southern VT.
  3. Eileen Fahey- supporting Restorative Community Justice of Southern.
  4. Margaret Wimberger- Letter was read supporting Restorative Community Justice of Southern VT.
  5. Thomas C. Ely- Letter was read supporting Restorative Community Justice of Southern VT

Ms. Huber made a motion to suspend the Regular Selectboard meeting.

Ms. Sanborn seconded. Motion passed 5/0 Meeting suspended@7:51pm

Ms. Dowling resumed Regular Selectboard Meeting @ 7:56


  1. Payroll Warrant #11494        Amount $ 4,829.92
  2. Account Payable # 21014 Amount $ 42,491.29

Mr. Fitzpatrick made a motion to approve pay orders.  Mr. Williams seconded.

Motion passed.


Mr. Williams made a motion to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8:04pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Administrative Assistant

Wannetta Powling