Monday October 5, 2020 Selectboard Meeting

Unapproved Draft

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Marion Dowling, Michael Fitzpatrick, Christopher Williams, Angela Sanborn and Shelly Huber.

OTHERS PRESENT:  Jay Wilson, Doris Knetchtel & Frank Suponski, Austin from BCTV, Wannetta Powling and Rich Hesselein (via Phone)

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair Marion Dowling.

ADDITIONS/ AMENDMENTS TO AGENDA:  Ms. Dowling made a statement that the events that are normally held on the Newfane Common are not Selectboard controlled but approved by the Newfane Court House.

MINUTES:  September 21, 2020 Regular meeting Mr. Fitzpatrick made a motion to accept the minutes, Ms. Sanborn seconded.

5/0 Motion passed.


  1. Daniels Construction will be back in a couple weeks to start the extra repairs on Monroe Bridge, at that point the road will be down to one lane for the duration of the repairs.
  2. The landfill is supposed to be kept mowed each year and it apparently did not get put into the contract with the solar people. It didn’t get mowed last year do you want me to get someone to mow it this year?

The Board agreed to the recommendation to get the mowing done to comply with the state closure agreement.

  1. The Depot Rd Culvert is tentatively scheduled to go out to bid mid-winter assuming the easements get done.
  2. The Road Safety Audit for Newfane Village has been started. Windham Regional will be doing the speed count in mid-October and that will be forwarded to the Safety Audit group.
  3. The Winter Sand went out to bid and they should be opened tonight.
  4. The Sand/Salt shed finished the environmental review process, the next step is I need to get the town attorney to sign a letter that the town owns the property free and clear.
  5. The gravel work under Monroe Bridge has been completed. The crushing in the So. Newfane yard is expected to begin this week sometime.

Mr. Fitzpatrick made a motion to accept the Road Foreman’s report. Ms. Sanborn seconded.

5/0 Motion Passed.

Selectboard opened the sealed Sand Bids:  Mr. Fitzpatrick Recused himself from this part of the meeting.

1.       Fitzpatrick Excavating bids was @ $11.50 per Yard with 1,500 yds delivered to Town yard               by November 15, 2020.

2.       Cersosimo Industries Inc. bid was @$16.00 per yard with 1,500 yds delivered to town yard             by November 15, 2020. Earlier delivery is possible if requested – this quote is good until                June 1, 2020.

Discussion ensued.

Mr. Williams asked were the material was coming from?   Brattleboro Pit

Ms. Huber wanted to know what the Town would normally use in a season.  2500 yards

Ms. Dowling asked if there was an issue with the quality of material, or if it was similar quality?  None was mentioned.

Ms. Sanborn asked if 2018 supply had caused any issues for the Highway crew.  None was mentioned.

Ms. Huber made a motion to accept the Fitzpatrick Excavating as the lowest bidder, Mr. Williams seconded.

Motion Passed 4 – 1 abstained (Mr. Fitzpatrick)


  • Social Appropriations letters have been sent to those Organizations who have previously received Newfane funding. The letter contained details for budgeting considerations and they need to make an appointment with the Selectboard during the Oct., Nov. and Dec. budgeting season. Research has shown that other towns have made each of these appropriations an article at Town Meeting – in the past Newfane has considered the appropriations as a one line item. I would like to recommend the board consider that each of the appropriations be its own article.
  • (10) Courtesy letters were mailed to residents between #492 Dover Rd. and the Intersection of Auger Hole Road in South Newfane, advising them of the Rock Crushing that is scheduled for approximately 7-10 days although this may be disturbing to some it is considered necessary work.
  • We have received a reminder email from SV Cable that before October 31st our current email address will need to be changed. As of today, all of Town Office employees and the Highway department have already set up this new email address.  Example tnewfane@svcable is now going to be  The end of email is the only change.
  • I have included again for your benefit the print out for the 70” monitor the webcam and wall mounting brackets, this will be to benefit the Selectboard to hold both live meetings here at Town Office and to host a Zoom meeting for the public to attend. This will be beneficial when we start the Budgeting season, it will allow those seeking appropriations to attend via Zoom. It will also allow us to do trainings & webinars from VLCT & the State of Vermont.

Mr. Fitzpatrick made a motion to spend the money to set up the system, Mr. Williams Seconded. Motion passed 5/0 

  • These finds cam come from the Misc. Office Budget expense as of today’s report there is $ 3,300.00 available in this account.
  • Ms. Sanborn made a motion to accept the Administrative Assistant’s report, Mr. Williams seconded.

Motion passed 5/0


Rich Hesselein – (via phone) Made a request of the Selectboard to allow the end of (Town Owned) Penner Road into Privately Owned, allowing him to put up signage to prevent people from traveling up into his yard, which is the “Dead End Road.”   Mr. Hesselein has offered to pay for the cost of creating a turnaround for the Town to turn the snow plow’s trucks.  The Board informed Mr. Hesselein that there is a process to follow in order for the Town to consider his request.  The Administrative Assistant was asked to send this paperwork to Mr. Hesselein for him to be aware of the process.  It includes a site visit, notification of the abutting land owners and a hearing before the Selectboard can consider the request.  The Selectboard will need to revisit this issue at a future meeting.

Lister’s Doris Knetchtel & Frank Suponski-Follow up regarding Lister Vacancy need to hire Data Entry Person.

Discussion ensued.

It was a recommendation to place an advertisement in the Brattleboro Reformer, the Town’s Website and Front-Page Forum “Immediate Part Time Data Entry Person Needed” with the job description and the deadline for submitting resume of October 14th in order for interviews to be set up. This will be scheduled on the October 19th agenda for consideration.




Budget Season Schedule:  Discussion ensued

It was decided that Budget Season would start on Tuesday October 13th and alternate with Selectboard Meetings on Monday nights at 6pm.

VT State Troopers Letter – Administrative Assistant will send a letter in respond to Lieutenant French letter of invitation to participate in shape the policing norm in Windham County and across the state.

Discussion Ensued.

The Selectboard is very pleased with the work that is being done


Nolan Edgar – Concerned with decision of the board to hold Selectboard meetings in person instead of Zoom.

Bob McCandless – Letter of resignation from the Planning Commission.

Thom Chiofalo – Rock River Preservation follow up from the 9.21.20 Selectboard meeting with additional information regarding annual contributions to NBFD, Rescue and WDFD.


  1. Payroll Warrant # 11474                                 Amount  $ 4,927.63
  2. Accounts Payable No. # 21007                 Amount  $  820,067.66

ADJOURN:   Motion to adjourn was made by Mr. Williams @ 7:45 pm.

Respectfully Administrative Assistant

Wannetta Powling