Newfane Conservation Commission Meeting Minutes: May 13, 2021

Newfane Town Office

Meeting called to order 6:02 PM

Present: Commission members: Greg Record-Chair, Carol Hesselbach, Michelle Mortimer, Jeff Mortimer;
Public: Martha Stittleman

Greg advised us that George Friend was no longer a member of the committee. Sylvia still wants to be a member but cannot really come to meetings or help in any way.

Brief, general discussion of the connectivity project and that no further work seems to be being done by the group.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes for 4/12/2018, 3/21/2019, and 10/17/2019 were approved.

Organizational activity:

Greg Record was nominated to Chair by Jeff, seconded by Michelle. No other nominations. All in favor.

Michelle Mortimer was nominated for Vice Chair by Carol, seconded by Jeff. No other nominations. All in favor.

Carol Hesselbach was nominated for Secretary by Jeff, seconded by Michelle. No other nominations. All in favor.

Jeff Mortimer was nominated for Treasurer by Michelle, seconded by Greg. No other nominations. All in favor.

Greg suggested that we meet the 2 nd Thursday of each month, as needed. Discussion included the fact that the Planning Commission meets the 2 nd and 4 th Thursday.

Michelle made a motion that we meet the 3rdt Thursday of each month at 6 PM at the Town Office, as needed. Seconded by Jeff. No further discussion, all in favor.

2021 Projects: Greg told us that he has been working on the trails. Michelle and Jeff had gone thru several times over the winter and worked on the trails. They noticed that there is a lot more use of the trails now.

Martha Stitlleman had discussed remarking the trails with Greg. She has some paint. She has worked on blazing a variety of trails. The committee agreed that she can do that.

Greg told us that the Selectboard had asked that the various committees meet with them and let them know what is being done, if there are any problems the board can help with. After discussion it was agreed that Greg will schedule a meeting with the Selectboard.

Martha asked what else does the Conservation Commission do. Greg explained that there are other Town lands besides the Town Forest. Also, in the past the commission had created pamphlets. We had been a member of the statewide conservation commission but felt it was not helpful and no longer join.

The Board had asked us about the knotweed issue. No action being taken right now.

Jay Wilson had talked with Greg about the ash tree inventory. Other towns are having the Conservation Commission do it. Bill Guenther, the Tree Warden, thinks that there is a lot to the Ash Tree survey and is looking into it. He will ask us for help if he needs it.

There was an issue with ground bees last year but there is no problem right now.

Jeff made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Michelle. Meeting was adjourned at 6:45 PM.

Submitted by Carol Hesselbach, Secretary.