Newfane Traffic Calming Committee Minutes—Wednesday, November 28, 2023,

Newfane Traffic Calming Committee
To make our roads safer throughout town for everyone.
Meeting Minutes—Wednesday, November 28, 2023


Present: Katy Johnson-Aplin, Joan Weir, Lance Lindgren, Sue Berg, Wannetta Powling, Henriette Mantel, Jay Wilson.


Meeting at Newfane town office began at 6:02 pm.

Meeting minutes (Oct. 18, 2023) were reviewed and accepted for approval.


Review Traffic Data from Village speed signs—Trends continue with the great majority of people exceeding speed limits, at some speed signs substantially. Wanetta will share our data with Sheriff Mark Anderson. Jay will add “time of day and speeds” for the next report. Wannetta shared ticket data from the Sheriff’s Dept. Five (5) tickets were issued in the last month.


Letter to Selectboard—We agreed the letter should be sent to the Selectboard only. They in turn can handle their communications with the Sheriff’s Dept. regarding the contract. Henriette will take Breeze’s first draft and make further edits outlining our concerns and suggested next steps.


Traffic Ordinance—Jay and Katy are working on the proposed ordinance and will have a copy for our review at the Dec. 11 Selectboard meeting. As it concerns this Committee, speed sign locations will be changed in South Newfane.


December 11 presentation to Selectboard—Committee members will bring forth the above-mentioned letter, traffic ordinance, and a few Highway Department budget items including signs for gravel back roads, and paint for dynamic striping in Williamsville. We will bring photos of new Williamsville welcome signs, if they have been erected.


Other Business—We discussed the cross walk on Route 30 by the Retreat Farm and how that was constructed with no cement sidewalks, and removable speed bumps and where they work best (not on a main road, but rather side roads).


Next steps—These items include:

1) Finalize letter to Selectboard re: speed enforcement suggestions (Henriette).

2) Finalize traffic ordinance proposal (Katy & Jay).


Next meetings: Dec. 11 for Selectboard budget meeting, Dec. 20 for regular meeting

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.


Minutes submitted by Joan Weir