COMMISSION MEMBERS PRESENT: Ken Estey, Jane Douglas, Kate Gehring, Max Vandervliet

OTHERS PRESENT: Walt Dadik (Development Review Board), Ann Golob (Selectboard)

Ken called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.

Ann Golob, Vice Chair of the Selectboard, discussed Sue Westa’s offer through the Windham Regional Commission’s to assist Newfane with a Municipal Planning Grant. Jane proposed the following motion and seconded by Max: “The Planning Commission authorizes Ann Golob to send an email to Sue Westa of the Windham Regional Commission to indicate our interest in applying for either/both a Bylaw Modernization grant or a Municipal Planning Grant in order to focus on the issue of increasing housing in Newfane.” We discussed the purposes of the respective grant and the deadlines (Bylaw Modernization grant by November 1, and Municipal Planning Grant by December 1) and the advantages to Newfane of using state grant money first instead of using ARPA money to address the housing question here in town. Motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

Ken presented the September 8 meeting minutes for review. We discussed various points of clarification. Jane proposed a motion and Max seconded: “The Planning Commission requests further elaboration on various points in the September 8 minutes.” Motion passed unanimously by voice vote.



1. Floodplain & River Corridor Zoning bylaw revision proposal update: Ken reported on his meeting with Alyssa Sabetto, WRC, on Thursday, September 15. They discussed the preliminary steps to enable Alyssa to start the process of the bylaw revision.

2. Tiny House Zoning bylaw revision: Jane reported on her further study of our existing bylaws on mobile homes and subdivisions. She will reach out to Stephen Hayes (Planning Services, Brattleboro) to seek further advice on our next steps.

3. Report-back from Town Meetings and/or Selectboard meetings: Jane reported on her attendance at the September 19th Selectboard meeting. The Selectboard is still deliberating on the ARPA money application process for area businesses. Jane also wrote a request (at the Selectboard’s instruction) to use $5,000 of Newfane’s ARPA money to pay for connection costs to DVFiber for customers who need such funding.

4. Fall 2022 Planning Commission priorities, sequencing, assignment of projects: Ken listed the various projects that the Commission is working on now. Discussion turned to matter of short-term rentals and Max will send information on short-term rentals in Newfane to the Commission.

5. Broadband update, Deerfield Valley Communications Union District: Jane reported that DVFiber is moving quickly on construction, particularly in Stamford.

6. Development Review Board (DRB) update: Walt reported that there are no active inquiries and applications at this point.

7. Leland & Gray Civic Engagement: Kate reported that there are no updates at this time.

8. Sheriff’s Office: No updates.


1. Report-back from September 8 Newfane Village transportation meeting: Kate sent an update by email earlier in the day.

2. Agenda Building for October 13 meeting: Planning Commission reviewed a draft agenda and we will add discussion of the VLCT Town Fair 2022 in Killington (October 6 & 7) to our agenda on October 13. Max proposed the following motion, seconded by Jane: “Planning Commission authorizes expenditure to cover registration, housing, mileage to the VLCT Town Fair 2022.” Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.

3. Housing Panel planning: Kate reported that she has started outreach on prospective panelists and she is thinking about various dates to hold the panel. Ken will send information to Kate to assist in this planning.

No correspondence.

Max proposed a motion to adjourn at 7:19 pm, Jane seconded. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ken Estey