Selectboard Minutes February 18, 2020

Tuesday February 18, 2020
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Hendrik van Loon, Christopher Williams, Shelly Huber, Michael Fitzpatrick and Angela Sanborn.
 OTHERS PRESENT: Jay Wilson, Marion Dowling, Merle Tessier, Erica Walch, Wannetta Powling and BCTV.
CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair Hendrik van Loon.
A motion was made by Ms. Sanborn to accept the Minutes of February 3, 2020 regular meeting Mr. Williams seconded.   The motion carried.
I apologize that there is no written report tonight; my computer was going thru an update. And then I need to go out to attend the roads.
  • We are looking at Northeast percurdues safety with Dover to share the cost.
  • The new light at the garage are completely installed and may need to get just one more for the corner.
  • People need to understand the little bit of snow on the road when we are expecting freezing rain, is to lay down the sand and plow it all off works much better than just sheets of ice.
  • Plans for the Sand and Salt are in front of you tonight, I apologize for the extremely small print these are intended to be printed on much larger piece of paper.
The Windham Regional is in charge of the planning and VTrans will send the work out to bid and then give recommendations to the Board.
There is projected $400,000 for the build with $320,000 in grant money and the towns share would be $ 80,000.  We can see that most of the cost is in the concrete the footings are 9′-10′ so that when you go in with the bucket loader you don’t know the walls
Ms. Sanborn made a motion to accept the Road Foreman’s report. Ms. Huber seconded.
The motion carried.
  • The Town Report will be here in the next day or 2, and will go out ASAP with help from Carol, Melissa, Doris and Marion has volunteered to help with labeling. I have spoken with Jay to get help taking them to the PO.
  • I have gone to the last 3 Windham Regional Broadband meetings; in your package tonight is the survey they would like us to send out to Newfane, Williamsville, South Newfane and Brookside residents. They have set up an online site for people take the survey, but for those that don’t have internet service we can leave some with the town clerk, and have some available at the town meeting. We hope for a good return.
  • I needed to reschedule the Public Hearing until the 9th of March for the proposed (Natural Burial) Bylaw Changes. This allows for the 15 days needed for Warning the hearing.
  • There was an issue with the Rental of the Williamsville Hall this past weekend for a Birthday party, with the Boards permission I would like to refund the rental fee. The heat didn’t work in parts of the building, the shoveling did not get done, and there were dirty dishes in the sink in the kitchen and trash in the Bathrooms. As well as the floors were not clean.
Ms. Sanborn made a motion to accept the Administrative Assistants report, Mr. Williams seconded. The motion carried.
Erica Walch from the Moore Free Library would like to see additional posting of the Selectboard minutes and agenda’s.  She would be willing to post them at the Moore Free Library as well if they could be emailed to her. The Board agreed to do this.  An additional suggestion was to check with the Post Master to see if town notices could be displayed there as well.
The Moore Free Library has year offered to hold a Nuts & Bolts of Local Government.  It helps those to navigating the town report as well as understanding Robert Rules of Order.  There will be a meet the candidate for those that are running for election; I understand there is no opposition to the candidates running for re-election. It would be nice if the town were to hold a candidate’s forum next year.
Merle Tessier Zoning Administrator one of the biggest issues as Zoning Administrator is to deal with enforcing private road conditions. , as an emergency vehicle costing ½ million dollars going out on a call and is not be able to safely navigate the private roads, because of the lack of recommended upkeep.  It would consider a town plan rewrite for this area of concern, as well as the backing of Town officials when there is an issue to be considered.   The other concern is lack of building permits obtained before a build.  Right now the permit is generally $10.00 and the fine would be an additional $10.00.
           The first plan of action would be to go to the DRB and Selectboard than the Planning Commission for major updates of the bylaws.   The Lister’s get a copy of each permit that is issued and when they go out and about, they are able to compare the Listers cards with the improvements.  Is it a lack of Understanding regarding Zoning Permits? Should a Welcome to Newfane Package be made available listing the town required permits needed help?
A motion by Ms. Sanborn to have the Chair draft a letter to Windham Regional Commission for Newfane’s Intent to Participate in Broadband Wireless was seconded by Mr. Fitzpatrick
The motion carried
A motion by Ms. Sanborn to appoint Ms. Forrest as point of contact person Ms. Huber seconded.

The motion carried

1.       Gloria Cristelli Email – Green up Coordinator
2.       Deborah Luskin Email – Child Care for Town meeting
3.       Prevent Child Abuse – Pin Wheel Sale
  • Payroll Warrant 11438 in the amount of $5,497.39
  • Payroll Warrant 11439 in the amount of $5,429.72
  • Accounts Payable 20017 in the amount of $ 40,761.53
A motion was made by Mr. Williams and seconded by Ms. Sanborn to approve the pay orders.
The motion carried
A motion was made by Mr. Williams to adjourn the meeting. Meeting Adjourned at 7:30 pm.
Respectfully Submitted, Wannetta Powling