Draft of the Selectboard Regular Minutes, March 6, 2023,

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https//zoom. Us/join            Meeting ID:  972 2791 1757 Passcode:  352680
 Angela Sanborn, Katy Johnson-Aplin, Jeffrey Chevalier, Ann Golob, and Mike Fitzpatrick (Phone)

Austin Rice (BCTV)
Zoom: Jay Wilson (Road Foreman), Wannetta Powling (Administrative Assistant), and Jane Douglas

The meeting was called to order at 6:03 pm by Selectboard Chair Angela Sanborn.

Powling confirmed the meeting had been properly warned.



  1. February 21st, 2023, special meeting minutes.

Golob made a motion to approve the February 21st minutes. Chevalier seconded the motion.
Motion passed 4/0. (Fitzpatrick had not yet joined the meeting.)


  1. We got approved for an Emergency Grant from VTRANS to help with the December 23rd
  2. It seemed like this past week that winter was just beginning. We have been out every day dealing with snow and ice.
  3. The box culvert on Depot Rd. is tentatively going out to bid this week. The plan is to open bids in early April.
  4. There is nothing new to report on the sand/salt shed.

Johnson-Aplin made a motion to accept the Road Foreman’s report. Golob seconded the motion.

Golob questioned if there were any further information on the Town Office renovations. Wilson confirmed that the contractors would be by the office on Thursday to discuss the details of the construction. Anticipating that work will begin on Monday, March 13th, office staff will need to relocate during the work. Movers should be contacted to remove and replace the file cabinets and desks.

The vote was called:
Motion passed 4/0 Fitzpatrick abstained, stating that he had missed the first part of the meeting.

(Sanborn read the first three items.)

  1. The Planning Commission Public Hearing on the Floodplain and River Corridor Bylaw revision is scheduled for Thursday, March 23, at 6 pm here at the Town Office. They are asking if Selectboard can confirm that you will be able to attend this hearing.
  2. I have made several attempts to contact Cindy Lawley, both by email and phone messages, to confirm that she will accept the trial offer to clean the Town Office Saturday mornings on a bi-weekly basis.
  3. My computer is experiencing issues with the recent Windows update. I have had to wait and schedule an appointment this week with IT to resolve these issues.
  4. On Thursday, February 23rd, the Treasurer provided the Selectboard with an explanation for some of the Articles needed for the Town Meeting. I was not able to go over this information, nor was I provided a copy. The Treasurer and I in the past have worked on this together. To help the Selectboard answer questions at Town Meetings, I have put together using past information from articles. You should compare the information and use whichever best meets your needs.

Chevalier made a motion to accept the Administrative Assistant’s report.  Fitzpatrick seconded the motion.

  1. March 23 PC Hearing; Sanborn said that she would be available, Johnson-Aplin and Chevalier said it would depend on the outcome of the election at the Town Meeting. Golob was not available to attend the hearing. Tabled until next Selectboard meeting.
  2. Fitzpatrick mentioned that he would contact Ms. Lawley regarding the cleaning.
  3. Johnson-Aplin stated that she knew of the IT issue and was told that 2 Wired Guys were on vacation. Powling was forced to wait until this week to schedule the repairs caused by the Windows update.
  4. Articles that were sent from Brown could have been shared with Powling had she asked the Selectboard members for copies. Johnson-Aplin said that the notes Powling provided in red were helpful.

Discussion of the plans for the Town Meeting. Newfane PTO is providing refreshments. Parking is an issue that was discussed.
The vote was called.
Motion passed 5/0

Cannabis Updates: (Johnson-Aplin)
Town Beautification (Chevalier)
Creating spaces to be together. A Proposal for Using Newfane’s ARPA Funds:
Chevalier discussed a plan that he has been working on to create places where people can come together to sit, to relax, to be with a friend, to meet a neighbor. After two years of the pandemic and all the isolation forced upon us, he noted that this is an opportunity to find new ways to be together, to carve out new spaces within our Town where we can relax and socialize with friends or a place to talk to a new neighbor for the first time. He described an idea where the Town would solicit ideas to create six benches or other seating areas that can be distributed around each of the villages. Using ARPA funds the town would provide a stipend of $2,000 for each bench to be designed and built. The artist would be responsible for bringing the finished bench to the location and the Town would be responsible for the installation. The plan describes details about key structural concerns, materials that can be used (including steel from the old Arch Bridge).

Discussion ensued. The Selectboard endorsed his plan and asked him to complete it so it can be distributed to people who might want to participate. Chevalier agreed and will bring the plan to the next meeting. 

Discuss ideas for a 250-year celebration of Newfane’s founding. (Johnson-Aplin)
Sanborn mentioned that Newfane Anew would like to offer help with ideas for the celebration. Discussion ensued.
Updates on future Newfane Anew meetings will be announced.

FEMA Buy-Out of the South Newfane General Store – (Golob)
No updates from FEMA.


ARPA: (Golob)
The first request for the Bylaw Modernization Grant payment reclamation will be given to the Treasurer to send for the payment.

Research of possible grants for investigating sewers: there is one that applies to our situation – requesting an engineering planning advance which can be requested for all three village centers: Newfane village, Williamsville, South Newfane. Looking into understanding some of the details of the grant specifically under what conditions the grant has to be repaid. Windham Regional Commission offered advice on what dollar requests should be asked for planning grants.

Selectboard approval was given to Golob to proceed with contacting other resources and exploring additional information for planning studies for all three villages.

Town Meeting preparation.
Discussion of plans, reviewed articles, discussed when to arrive.

Richard Marek from Windham Historical Society sent a letter requesting $ 10,000 in ARPA funds to help with the renovations for the former Sheriff’s Department.

Golob made a motion to spend $10,000 of the ARPA funds on the Historical Society Preservation. Fitzpatrick seconded the motion.
Motion passed 5/0

Sanborn asked Powling to contact Mr. Marek and notify him of the Boards approval for ARPA funds.

Prevent Child Abuse – Plant a Pinwheel Garden this April to celebrate child abuse prevention month.
Sanborn proposed that the Board use $100 of their compensation on the purchase of one hundred pinwheels for the prevent child abuse garden. All agreed.

The Zoning Administrator shared information that he had received from Green Mountain Power regarding power pole relocations along the Route 30 corridor.  Planned for the spring and summer of 2023.

Raymond Clark Sr. expressed his personal thoughts and concerns on the need to change how the School Tax is figured for older seniors on a fixed income.

Golob mentioned that this was not something that could be changed on a local level, it is a State of VT issue.  Fitzpatrick agreed with the concerns expressed in the letter, and the level of education given to students was not typical of our needs.

The school budget vote is on March 21st and will be held at the NewBrook Fire Department.

Mike Fitzpatrick, who attended remotely, withdrew and left the meeting at 6:58 pm.



1.       Payroll Warrant # 11610                               Amount $       7,036.27
2.       Payroll Warrant # 11611                               Amount $       8,111.37
3.       Account Payable # 23019                             Amount $       824.25
Golob made a motion to approve Pay Orders Chevalier seconded the motion.
Motion passed 4/0

Johnson-Aplin made a motion to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 7:05 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Wannetta Powling, Administrative Assistant