Draft of Selectboard Minutes Monday, May 15th, 2023

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https//zoom. Us/join            Meeting ID:  972 2791 1757 Passcode:  352680

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Angela Sanborn, Jeffrey Chevalier, Mike Fitzpatrick, and Katy Johnson-Aplin.
Absent: Ann Golob

OTHERS PRESENT:   Jane Douglas (Planning Commission), Pamela Spaulding, George LeGace,   Ian Forgey, Austin Rice (BCTV), and Wannetta Powling (Administrative Assistant.)
Zoom:  Jay Wilson (Road Foreman), Kate Gehring (Planning Commission)

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Selectboard Chair Angela Sanborn.

Powling confirmed the meeting had been properly warned.



  1. May 1, 2023, regular meeting minutes.

Johnson-Aplin made a motion to accept the May 1, 2023, minutes. Chevalier seconded the motion.
Motion passed 4/0.


  1. We installed the emergency 5’ plastic culvert on Wiswall Hill Rd. That should work well for a couple of years until we get funding for a cement box culvert.


  1. I spoke with Bill Jewell and got some information on how to fill out the forms that we needed for the Gravel Pit permit, and he is still working on his part.


  1. We picked up all the Greenup bags last week and ended up with 130 bags, and with all the other loose material, we ended up with 1600 lbs and five tires, less than for the past years.


  1. I spoke with Ron Bell, our engineer on the Salt shed and Eddy Rd culvert; he is going to try and get something out this week to us.


  1. The pre-construction meeting for the Depot Rd. Box culvert is May 24th at 10:30 at the Town Office.


  1. I have a few things to put out to bid, and I will try to get them out so you can open them at your next meeting.

Fitzpatrick made a motion to accept the Road Foreman’s report, and Johnson-Aplin seconded the motion.

Sanborn asked if any updates for the Davis property on S. Wardsboro Road were discussed at the May 1st meeting.  Wilson mentioned a meeting scheduled for Friday with Cotton, Fitzpatrick, and Williams.

The vote was called. Motion passed 4/0.


  1. The Lister’s office has a form that needs to be signed by the Chair of the Selectboard; It is with the State of Vermont’s recommendation that each town files an extension in case the new VT-PIE system has errors in creating the abstract grand list.
    • There needs to be a motion to authorize the chair to sign.
  2. DV Fiber has a form that needs to be signed by the Chair of the Selectboard.
  • This allows DV Fiber to obtain matching funds (Newfane’s $15,000) from Vermont Community Broadband Board.
  1. Lori Damato from the Newfane Inn is applying for the State of Vermont Economic Development Grant.  With the grant request, they are requesting two letters of recommendation.  Attached is the letter from the Windham Regional Commission; she is also asking the Town of Newfane to write a recommendation letter.
  2. The Personal Policy is available tonight for readopting and the Selectboard signatures.

Chevalier made a motion to accept the Administrative Assistance report, and Fitzpatrick seconded.


#1)       Johnson-Aplin made a motion to authorize Chair Sanborn to sign the extension in case the new VT-PIE system has errors for the Listers and Chevalier seconded. The motion passed 3/0/1. Sanborn abstained.

#2)       Fitzpatrick made a motion to authorize Chair Sanborn to sign the support for DV Fiber to obtain matching funds (Newfane’s $15,000) from the Vermont Community Broadband Board, and Chevalier seconded.
The motion passed 3/0/1. Sanborn abstained.

#3)       Fitzpatrick made a motion to authorize Chair Sanborn to sign the letter of support for the new owners of the Newfane Inn. The motion passed 3/0/1. Sanborn abstained.

#4)       Chevalier and Johnson-Aplin reminded the Board that this had been previously tabled until the June 5th meeting; to allow time to review and compare the recommendations to the policy.

The Vote was calledMotion passed 4/0.

Planning Commission updates – Jane Douglas – Kate Gering  

At the Thursday night meeting, the Planning Commission voted to approve submitting the proposed Flood Plain River Corridor By-Law changes to the Selectboard. Powling will forward the documents to the Selectboard.
Thursday, May 25th, at 6 pm, during the Planning Commission meeting, there will be a kick-off meeting with Sue Westa from the Windham Regional Commission to discuss By-Law Modernization. The Selectboard is invited to attend the presentation.

Douglas will send an email to Golob to see if she is available.


Since its doors opened in 2010, the non-profit has served all veterans in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts.
This is operated with volunteers, with some Vets helping others in need. For the third year, LeGace has asked the Selectboard for permission to hold a “Coin-Drop” on July 15th (rain date July 16th) in Newfane to benefit all veterans needing help. Funds raised will help them with shelter, food, companionship, and mental health counseling. Other services are support programs and assistance to obtain services from local, state, and Federal agencies.

Other agencies have been contacted and await their permission. The Selectboard agreed to allow the Coin Drop.


Cannabis Updates: (Johnson-Aplin) None
TBD at a further date when we hear from the DRB.

Town Beautification (Chevalier)

A press Release will be going out soon, giving details about the bench contest and how to submit Ideas and applications. Brookside is a proposed site for a bench near Hunter Brook Road. Chevalier is to contact the Town Clerk for further information and to get the owner’s permission for the possible placement of a bench.  I want to schedule a site visit for the proposed garden and recreation area along the Dover Road properties damaged in the 2011 flood. Chevalier will contact Wilson for possible dates and get back to the Board members.


Discuss ideas for a 250-year celebration of Newfane’s founding. (Johnson-Aplin) –

Sanborn to contact members of Newfane Anew to see if they would like to be involved with plans for the celebration. Sanborn will report back.

Powling will contact Richard Merck to invite him to come back and meet with the Board to clarify information regarding the dates for Newfane and the 250-year celebration.


FEMA Buy-Out of the South Newfane General Store (SNGS) – (Golob)

No updates from FEMA.

ARPA: (Sanborn and Golob)


PROPERTY at 521 VT RT 30:

The State of Vermont has started to remove hazardous material from the site.

Remove from the agenda; Updates will be determined as needed.

Short-Term Rental Discussion-Johnson-Aplin
In the spring of 2021, an ordinance for short-term rental was drafted this still needs to move forward. Now is the time when it is in the News; on May 10th, eighteen other towns are looking at creating an ordinance to monitor how these properties impact other long-term rentals and properties in the area.

A Planning Commissioner has spoken with Wilmington and Dover, where they have some registries using a service to gather the extent of information for them.

Discussion ensued:

Kate Gehring, Chair of the Planning Commission, joined the meeting.

Johnson-Aplin mentioned that Eric Durocher is a Newfane resident and Town of Dover employee and could provide valuable information to the continued discussion.


Fitzpatrick, who attended remotely, left the meeting at 6:40 pm.


1.       Payroll Warrant # 11619                               Amount $       5,579.05
2.       Payroll Warrant # 11622                               Amount $          658.79
3.       Payroll Warrant # 11623                               Amount $       7,597.39
4.       Payroll Warrant # 11624                               Amount $       5,162.95
5.       Account Payable # 23025                             Amount $     56.934.08

Chevalier made a motion to approve Pay Orders. Johnson-Aplin seconded the motion.
Motion passed 3/0.

Johnson-Aplin made a motion to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,
Wannetta Powling, Administrative Assistant