Selectboard Special Meeting Tuesday, September 5th, 2023
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https//zoom. Us/join        Meeting ID:  972 2791 1757 Passcode:  352680

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:   Angela Sanborn, Jeffrey Chevalier, and Ann Golob (Zoom).
Absent: Mike Fitzpatrick and Katy Johnson-Aplin.

OTHERS PRESENT:  Austin Rice (BCTV) and Wannetta Powling (Administrative Assistant).
Zoom:  Jay Wilson (Road Foreman), Jane Douglas (Planning Commission).

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Selectboard Chair Angela Sanborn.

CONFIRM PROPERLY WARNED:   Powling confirmed the meeting had been properly warned.

Golob requested the Environmental Water Protection program be added to Old Business. (Amended to the Road Foreman’s Report).


August 21, 2023, Regular Meeting
Golob made a motion to accept the August 7th minutes, and Chevalier seconded the motion.
 Motion passed 3/0.

August 21, 2023, Public Hearing Minutes
Chevalier made a motion to accept the August 21st Public Hearing Minutes, and Golob seconded the motion. Motion passed 3/0.

August 29, 2023, Special Meeting
Chevalier made a motion to accept the August 29th Special Meeting Minutes, and Golob seconded the motion. Motion passed 3/0.


  1. I spent the afternoon today touring four bridges and three culverts with representatives from FEMA.
  2. We marked the rest of the Grimes Hill Road pavement repair with DMI; it’s about 2,600 sq ft to patch.
  3. The drain on Dover Road at the bottom of Timson Hill was repaired on Friday. The only thing left to do is the pavement, and the plant closed early Friday because of the holiday, so hopefully, the pavement will be done soon.
  4. The work on the South Wardsboro Rd pavement should begin the last week of September. We need a few culverts replaced; if I can get a couple of people to bid on it, can we do a quick Zoom meeting to award the bid?
  5. The Veggie Van Go truck will have a date change for November and December because of the holidays. They will be November 30 and December 22
  6. Gravel Pit- No update
  7. Environmental Water Protection

Discussion ensued.

Golob confirmed that Mike Lapointe’s email (from NRCS) said there was no obligation to follow through with the repairs after the assessment was completed, and costs were calculated if homeowners were unwilling to move forward. He also confirmed that NRCS would not cover any bridge damage to the Covered Bridge due to Dover Road being classed a Federal-Aid Highway. Lapointe recommended speaking with VTrans.

Golob asked Wilson if VTrans could consider looking at further mitigation along the river (as proposed by the homeowners along the Rock River) to protect the Covered Bridge since it is a Federal Highway. Wilson replied that VTrans is expected to inspect the Newfane area soon and to visit the areas on Dover Road where the riprap has loosened up. Wilson confirmed that there is a liaison between VTrans and Federal Highway, and she will be working to help Newfane assess the necessary repairs. Wilson pointed out that the Covered Bridge damage must be in the right of way to meet the program guidelines.

The Green Iron Bridge is not on a Federal-Aid Highway since it is on a sideroad, Parish Hill. Other funding – not federal funds – will need to be explored for that site.

Golob asked Powling to share Lapointe’s email information with the residents who have requested assistance and any other Newfane resident who may request it. In addition, Wilson will let Powling know when these various walk-throughs with state and federal officials will take place so residents can be offered the opportunity to meet with the engineers as they conduct a site assessment. Additionally, it was agreed that Information would be shared with the residents when the town hears back from their application to the Emergency Water Protection Program.

Golob made a motion to accept the Road Foreman & Road Commissioners report, and Chevalier seconded. Motion passed 3/0.


  1. I would like to publicly thank Walter Hagedorn for his work in the gardens here at the Town Office on Friday. He does an incredible job of enhancing the beauty of our Town.
  2. Home Security System completed the camera upgrade on Thursday morning; what a remarkable difference.
  3. Budget season will start soon; I wonder if you would like to have everyone asking for Special Appropriations set up appointments to join a Selectboard meeting or only if they are requested a different amount?
  4. The proposed By-Law Flood Plain and River Corridor vote will be on the September 18. Does the Selectboard expect to have any changes to make, or will you proceed as they are written?

Chevalier made a motion to accept the Administrative Assistant’s report, and Golob seconded.


  1. It was agreed that budget sessions would begin on Monday, October 30. Any agency requesting funding would need to complete an application and submit it before scheduling an appointment to meet with the Selectboard.
  2. There are no recommended changes to the proposed By-Law Flood Plain and River Corridor.
    The vote was called. Motion passed 3/0.


Planning Commission – Jane Douglas briefly summarized the recent 1% tax that several neighboring towns are voting to enact on short-term rental properties. Douglas will provide additional information at a future meeting to see if this could be considered as an article for voters to decide at the Town Meeting.




  1. Town Beautification suggestions (Chevalier)
    Sanborn mentioned she spoke with Reed, who does the property maintenance for the Court property, and he spoke with the Judge. The judge has agreed that benches could be placed at the Union Hall, Newfane Church, and across Route 30 along the tree line near the monument.
  1. FEMA buyout of South Newfane General Store (Golob)
    No Update
  1. ARPA Funds Updates (Golob)
    It was mentioned that the current information regarding ARPA funds and applications can be found on the town website.
  1. Flood Plain River Corridor By-Law proposed changes.
    The Selectboard will proceed with voting on the By-Law change at the September 18th regular meeting.

  2. Personal Policy Recommendations (Johnson-Aplin).
    Sanborn will email Johnson-Aplin to confirm that VLCT has approved the changes to the Newfane Personal Policy.



  • Letter of Concern and Opinion -Bill Morse.

Sanborn acknowledges the letter sent to the Selectboard from Mr. Morse and will request additional information from the Zoning Administrator before sending a response to Mr. Morse. (Copies of the letter are available from the Administrative Assistant).

The Selectboard meeting was suspended at 6:36 p.m. for the Board of Liquor Control. Board of Liquor Control Adjourn at 6:37 p.m.

Golob made a motion to have Chair Sanborn and Selectboard member Chevalier approve pay orders. Chevalier seconded; Motion passed.

Golob, who attended via Zoom, left the meeting at 6:39 p.m.


  1. Payroll # 11641          $ 5,854.18
  2. Payroll # 11642          $ 6,282.04
  3. AP # 24005                 $ 320. 00
  4. AP # 24006                 $ 951,354.04

Chevalier made a motion to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 6:49 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,
Wannetta Powling, Administrative Assistant