Williamsville Hall Meeting Minutes, 11/6/23

Williamsville Hall Meeting Minutes, 11/6/23

Steve Levine, Dale Stevens, Maggie Kemp, Austin Rice, Eben Viens, and Kate Conway

Treasure’s report:       

 Lighting monies
  –ARPA monies donated for lighting: $8,500
-RRP portion:                                      $5,000

-the Hall will forfeit our share of
profit from the next two plays

-lighting will be approximately           $15,000
*Lighting should be operational this weekend

  Paid from WH Donation Fund
-Breeze, speaker equip:                   $525.
 -Dale miscellaneous parts/pieces:    $501.11

           Donation Fund: $2,924.
           Capital Fund     $47,590.73

          -Aaron Betts & Weston may take on the basement support repairs
-Steve is waiting to hear back from Ely Phoenix about rook repairs
Am also waiting to hear back from Crispin about exterior kitchen repairs. Maggie will follow-up

-Austin and Eben, explore other publicity avenues?

 Breakfast and movie schedule: 

 b’fast/Thur.                      Movie/Fri
11/16/23 -8:00-10:30      11/17-7:30 Peanut Butter Falcon

-12/15/23                         12/16/23 Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

-1/18/24                           1/19/24 Shawshank Redemption

-2/15/24                           2/16/24 The Shop Around the Corner

-3/15/24                           3/16/24 Force Majeure

-4/18/24                           4/19/24 To Be or Not to Be


Jonathon would like to add a fundraising idea:
(copied from Jonathon’s email, 11/8/23)

My idea is this could be an ongoing “cold pickup” event, with pickup times running parallel to our breakfast and movie times. So, I decided to go for it and have ordered pint containers as well as some foodstuffs from Sysco.
The initial offerings for next week will be roasted butternut squash and a vegetarian tomato bisque. At some point between now and next Wednesday, I plan on making these soups and of course would welcome help/company in the kitchen.
I have contacted Jim B and as usual, he is on board for putting a poster together. Perhaps we can also get something to Pam, though I know she hates last minute requests. I will keep receipts for paper goods and foodstuffs but will be donating labor. Obviously, we will not be generating huge sums of cash, but the idea is to have some fun in the kitchen and maybe make a buck or two.