April 19th, 2021 Selectboard Minutes

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BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Angela Sanborn, Shelly Huber, and Ann Golob

Absent: Mike Fitzpatrick and Katy Johnson-Aplin


Jay Wilson, Melissa Brown, Juliette Carr, Dan Dewalt, Doris Knetchel, Gloria Cristelli, Stephanie Leis, Austin RiceBCTV and Wannetta Powling


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Selectboard Chair Angela Sanborn.



  1. April 19, 2021 Regular Meeting

Shelly Huber made a motion to accept the minutes of the April 5th, 2021 regular meeting as amended. Ann Golob seconded the motion. Motion passed.


  1. April 5th, 2021 Board of Liquor Control

Ann Golob made a motion to accept the minutes of the April 5th, 2021 Board of Liquor Control.

Shelly Huber seconded the motion. Motion passed.




  1. The bridge work on Monroe Bridge is temporarily on hold while the whole company is in quarantine. We did a little extra digging in the concrete deck and found it generally to be in good shape. They will be patching 4 smaller spots that we opened up.
  2. The Depot Rd Culvert update: The 254 Depot Rd. property has officially changed ownership to the bank; we now have to change everything to reflect the new owners and try to get the easement signed.
  3. We have 3 access permits to approve tonight. 1. David Marquez at 86 Newfane Hill Rd. does not need a culvert. 2. Beckley Gaudette backside of Newfane Hill Rd. needs a 15” culvert. 3. John Julian on Parrish Hill Rd. Needs a 15” culvert and needs to go in for 20’ level before going up.  These were viewed by Christopher Williams and me and Okayed.

 Shelly Huber made a motion to approve access permit for David Marquez at 86 Newfane Hill Rd. Ann Golob seconded the motion. Motion Passed.

 Shelly Huber made a motion to approve access permit Beckley Gaudette backside of Newfane Hill Rd. Ann Golob seconded the motion. Motion Passed.

 Ann Golob made a motion to approve access permit John Julian on Parrish Hill Rd. Shelly Huber seconded the motion. Motion Passed.

4. The Sand/Salt shed update: Nothing new to report.

5. We had the first Hazard Mitigation Plan meeting last week and one more this week. Margo from WRC will begin work on our plan; we had 7 people that are involved in the planning.

6. Green Up has started and I was notified from Laura Bacon, Dr. Shafer & Deborah Luskin of a big concern going down over the steep bank off Grimes Hill Road to clean up trash. We should have a plan to deal with this and looking for ideas.

7. Sunday morning there was an Emergency Management meeting held at the fire house. There were two (2) changes that were made, to put Angela Sanborn as Selectboard chair and remove the Animal Control Officer.

 Ann Golob made a motion to approve Emergency Management PlanShelly Huber seconded the motion. Motion Passed.

 8. Conservation Committee member Greg Record may be able to help the Town create a plan to deal with the Emerald Ash Borer. I will let the Selectboard know what we can come up with.

 Ann Golob made a motion to accept the Road Foreman’s Report. Shelly Huber seconded the motion. 

Motion passed.



  • I would like to revisit the memo that I sent the Selectboard February 18th, 2020 to see if the board would like to schedule with the other Town committees and organizations a reporting and tracking progress. This will allow the Board to be informed. To provide help and maintain open communications.

The Board agreed and asked for this to be set up Quarterly for review.

  • The Hazard Mitigation meeting on April 12th was attended by seven (7) of us and went very well. The next meeting scheduled for this Wednesday April 21st, the agenda information is posted under the Latest News on our website. If you would like to join us contact me, and I will send you the agenda with the zoom information.
  • I have included an email that I received this morning regarding a Conservation Project involving North East Wilderness Trust & 111 acres off Hunter Brook Road in South Newfane. They are asking for a letter of support from the Selectboard similar to the Deer Preservation Project that Deborah Luskin presented to the Board last year.

Motion to Table.  Ann Golob made request to provide Mike Fitzpatrick & Katie Johnson- Aplin material for review prior to the discussion at the May 3rd meeting.

  •  A Board of Abatement hearing was set up for April 29, 2021 at 6pm via zoom. The Board of Civil Authority (Justice of Peace, Town Clerk, and Selectboard Members) will be in attendance, the Listers and Treasurer will provide the information for the hearing. The Town Clerk will forward the Agenda.

Ann Golob made a motion to accept the Administrative Assistant’s report. Shelly Huber seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


Information was provided to the Board Members of the five (5) properties that should be considered for tax sale.

Discussion ensued.

 Angela Sanborn made a motion to table the three (3) remaining properties until review/adoption of a new Tax Policy. The Treasurer will create a Delinquent Tax Policy for the Selectboard to review.

 Ann Golob made a motion to precede with the two (2) properties of the deceased owners D.215.1 & D.2187.   Shelly Huber seconded the motion. Motion Passed.

 The Board considered this as an update not a report.  No need to approve.



 Lister’s Office – Doris Knetchel – Employee review

  1. A letter was sent to the Selectboard recommending a pay increase for the Data Entry Person, Katy Bristol, who started November 11, 2020. The recommendation was for a pay increase to $16.00 per hour.

Shelly Huber made a motion to approve the pay increase starting May 1st, 2021 for Katy Bristol. Ann Golob seconded the motion. Motion Passed.

  1. Doris Knechtel sent a memo to the Selectboard regarding the Veggie Van Go Program seeking permission to use the Town Roads once per month for distribution of food to the community. Rachel Worthington from the Vermont Food Bank is asking for the Route to be Route 30 to Cross Street to West Street, and then to Church Street where distribution will occur in front of the Church.

Discussion ensued – There was a concern about congested traffic on the roads and then traffic turning from Route 30 as it could potentially be dangerous. A suggestion was to move it to the NewBrook Fire Department.  The Road Foreman will review and make recommendations.

Stephanie Leis – Animal Control Update

Ms. Leis requested an Executive Session with the Board.

Angela Sanborn made a motion to go into Executive Session under the following Title 1 V.S.A. §313(a)(9) & or (10) at 6:55 pm. The Administrative Assistant was invited into the meeting.

Exited Executive Session 7:30 pm

Action to be taken:  Bi-weekly progress reports will be given to the Selectboard by Stephanie Leis on the status of the building of a fence.


Juliette Carr asked for time frame on the construction of the fence for the neighbor’s dog.

This construction of the wooden fence will begin this weekend; work is to be performed by the dog owners. Status updates of construction progress will be provided via email or written notice prior to the May 3rd Selectboard meeting.


Animal Control Update:

Update was completed during the scheduled members of the public.

Re-Adopt- or -Amend

Personnel Policy, Selectboard Rules of Procedure, Financial Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy was tabled until the May 3, 2021 meeting when there will be a full board.


Discuss Ideas in the Town Plan –Ann Golob

Ann would like the town to create a master list of projects needed for the town’s future growth. The list of possible projects is initially coming from reading the Newfane Town Plan and other similar planning documents completed in the recent past. Ann is working with the Planning Commission to create an initial list and will then bring it to the Selectboard to discuss and amend. We are not exactly sure what the various tasks will be to get the list finalized but clearly reach out to the public to get ideas and input will be critical.  Along with the Town Plan, a project list would assist in defining our short term/long term developmental goals. At the next Selectboard meeting Ann will update everyone on the status of the project with the Planning Commission and when we should be ready to share it with the Selectboard.


Share the Bounty- Gloria Cristelli

West River Valley Mutual Aid would like to construct a share the Bounty food stand with a roof. They are asking for permission to place the stand under the tree at the Williamsville Hall.

The Board agreed to give permission for placement of “Share the Bounty” food stand.

 Green Up-Day:

May 1st, 2021 is official Green Up-Day. Supplies for Green-Up day are on the steps of the Town Office and at the Williamsville Hall. People having any questions can reach out to Gloria Cristelli.



1.      Whitney Packer – Food Vending in Newfane

Whitney Packer and partner is developing an organic fruit & vegetable juice company and would like to come to Newfane to sell their products here from their juice van.

The Board is unclear with the information provided – where and when do they want to come to Newfane – and is inviting them to a meeting to discuss further.


2.  Roy Mercon – Flying a drone around 3-5 spots to take photographs

Roy Mercon is a veteran photographer and licensed drone pilot, and a Vermont resident for 25 years. He would like to fly a drone around 3-5 spots in Newfane.

Board discussed restrictions to fly over public places only and gave suggestions of some areas to consider. If this occurs, The Board would like access to the photographs to put on the Town website. We need to look at whether there are any laws governing the operation of drones. Wannetta to reach out to Roy with questions.


3.      Windham Solid Waste Management – Backyard Compost Demonstration Flyer

They are requesting the Board to distribute their document on the Town website and social media platforms.

The Administrative Assistant will ask Bahman to set up link for this flyer for public information on the website.



  1. Payroll Warrant No. #11509                   Amount $  3,897.98
  2. Payroll Warrant No. #11510                   Amount $  4,085.22
  3. Account Payable No. # 21021 Amount $ 44,031.89
  4. Account Payable No. # 21021- A Amount $   5,860.00


Shelly Huber made a motion to approve pay orders. Ann Golob seconded the motion.

Motion Passed.


Shelly Huber made a motion to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8:23 pm.


Respectfully Submitted

Administrative Assistant

Wannetta Powling