Draft of Regular Meeting Monday, October 2nd, 2023

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Angela Sanborn, Katy Johnson-Aplin, Ann Golob (Zoom), Mike Fitzpatrick (phone).
Absent: Jeffrey Chevalier.

Merle Tessier (Zoning Administrator), Steve Levine, Bahman Madhavi, Ezlerh Oreste (BCTV), and Wannetta Powling (Administrative Assistant).

Jay Wilson (Road Foreman).

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Selectboard Chair Angela Sanborn.

Powling confirmed the meeting had been properly warned.



  1. September 5th, 2023, Special Meeting.
    Approval of minutes was tabled until the October 16 meeting.
  2. September 5th, 2023, BLC Meeting.
    Approval of minutes was tabled until the October 16 meeting.
  3. September 14th, 2023, Special Meeting
    Approval of minutes was tabled until the October 16 meeting.

September 18th, 2023, Regular Meeting
Johnson-Aplin made a motion to accept the September 18th minutes and Golob seconded the motion.
Motion passed.


  1. The pavement project on South Wardsboro Road began last week and should be finished next week.
  2. Nothing new on the Sand/Salt shed.
  3. Someone from NRCS is meeting with us on Wednesday to look at some areas for the Emergency Watershed program.
  4. The mowing tractor has been delivered, and we are doing a little work on it and will add some warning lights also.
  5. We have found two options for trailers.
  6. The Williamsville Village sign has been looked at by the traffic committee, and I have attached the design; it would only be single-sided. The cost was $415.00 from Dennis Tier Signs.

Johnson-Aplin made a motion to accept the Road Foreman & Road Commissioners report and Golob seconded.

Discussion ensued:

  • Golob made a motion to change the procedure for verifying the bids submitted before the Selectboard meeting. Wilson and Powling will demonstrate the bids have accurate information before the Selectboard awards the bids. Johnson-Aplin seconded the motion.
    Motion passed.
  • NRCS will see Smith Brook, Loop Road, Rock River, and Baker Brook areas with flooding issues and concerns; Sanborn and Johnson-Aplin will attend.
  • Johnson-Aplin made a motion to purchase the 2015 tilt trailer for 14,800. Golob seconded.
    Motion passed.
  • Golob made a motion to purchase the Williamsville Village signs designed by Tier Signs for $415. Johnson-Aplin seconded.
    Motion passed.
  • Wilson mentioned that he will be meeting with Engineer Bill Jewel regarding access to the Gravel Pit and understanding for the completion for the Act 250 permits. Johnson-Aplin will represent the Selectboard at the meeting.

The vote was called.
Motion passed.


  1. Mary Dearborn from Repo emailed me the contract for printing the Town Reports; I have included it for your approval this evening.
  2. Wednesday morning at 9:30, the NRCS will meet here at the Town Office to start a review of the river damage and concerned areas.
  3. October 16th appointments start for the Social Appropriations. Last year, 35 agencies were asking for funding, with a total of $ 43,513 approved. Other towns have set up committees to review the appropriations process, and then submit recommendations to the Selectboard. This could save the Selectboard valuable time for other business.
  4. Rock River Players perform Harvey at the Williamsville Hall on October 6th, 7th, and 8th.
  5. The Heritage Festival is on the common this coming weekend, October 7th & 8th, from 10-4 p.m.

 Johnson-Aplin made a motion to accept the Administrative Assistant’s report and Fitzpatrick seconded.

Discussion ensued:

  • Johnson-Aplin made a motion to approve the Repro contract and Golob seconded.
     Motion passed.
  • Golob asked Powling if she would remind the Selectboard in February (2024) to reconsider forming a committee to review the Social Appropriations process and submit their recommendation to the Selectboard.
  • Bill Morse is awaiting a response regarding the concerns he mentioned in the letter he sent the Selectboard on September 7th.

The vote was called.
Motion passed

Zoning Administrator
Merle Tessier briefly updated the Manitou Project on Sunset Lake Road. The equipment has been moved out, and no work is being done now. Tessier said that he is still waiting to speak with the Town Attorney with his recommendations.

Discussion ensued:
Golob asked if a letter in writing was sent to Mayer of the Selectboard’s decision.
Powling asked if she should draft the stop work letter for the Board to review, for documentation purposes. Tessier said that it was unclear he gave the information to the Selectboard and assumed it was a Board decision to send a letter. Sanborn will speak with the Town Attorney and follow up with Tessier.

Williamsville Hall
Steve Levine & Bahman Madhavi, Co-Director of Rock River Players, came to ask for the Selectboard’s permission to install a series of lighting to enhance the performances at the Hall.  Williamsville Hall Committee members are in strong support of these improvements.

Bahman Madhavi presented the plans and the contractor information that would be involved, and how the funds would cover the expense over the next two years. Gerald Stockman came up with the details that would be involved, he has provided the same assistance to the New England Theater and other well-known theaters including work on Broadway.

Doug Cleveland from Cleveland Electric will be able to start the electrical work the week of October 16th.

Golob mentioned that it is a worthy investment to enrich our town’s life and help promote the use of the Hall and would recommend supporting these efforts.

Discussion ensued:
Golob made a motion to use $8,500 from the ARPA funds to help cover the cost of stage lighting and installation cost at the Williamsville Hall. Johnson-Aplin seconded.
Motion passed.

Fitzpatrick joined the meeting by phone at 6:55 p.m.





  1. Town Beautification suggestions (Chevalier)
    No update
  1. FEMA buyout of South Newfane General Store (Golob)
    Golob received the Phase 1 remediation report/analysis. This was for analysis of the historical use of the property. Looking for evidence to see if Phase 2 would need to be conducted. Phase 2 would be for the removal of contaminated or hazardous materials and do any testing. Golob mentioned three concerns in the information that would warrant an additional work plan and that Windham Regional Commission (WRC) recommends using the same company that did the Phase 1 study to create a work plan or Phase 2.
  • Large underground storage tank that has fuel in the tank that was used for the gas pumps from operations that ended in 1991.
  • Two 55-gallon drums on the property that are rusted and in poor condition with unknown contents.
  • Two inactive 275-gallon heating oil tanks in basement of the residential building

WRC has additional funds available to assist Newfane with the continued Brown Field efforts.
Golob made a motion to go forward with developing a work plan for defining Phase 2. Fitzpatrick seconded.
Motion passed. 

  1. ARPA Funds Updates (Golob)

ARPA funds were mentioned during the Williamsville Hall discussion.

Golob mentioned that she had attended the recent Planning Commission meeting and was excited to see the continued efforts to find a housing solution. It was discussed that Newfane could use the example of other Towns and use ARPA funds to create a low-interest revolving loan to help homeowners sub-divide or to create additional rental space in existing homes. Board members Fitzpatrick and Johnson-Aplin agreed this would help and could see long-term benefits for Newfane.

  1. Personal Policy Recommendations (Johnson-Aplin).
    No update

Fitzpatrick wanted to mention his site visit to look at the Manitou property and that he spoke with the Engineer, Michael Mayer, and neighbor Gordon Bristol. Fitzpatrick recommended that Mayer remove the installed culvert against the Act 250 plans and closely follow the Permit and Plans that were approved.
Johnson-Aplin said that by the Selectboard taking steps to stop the work, Newfane was protecting the Town’s best interest of its residents and neighbors.

The Selectboard meeting was suspended at 7:10 p.m. –

The Board of Liquor Control was called to order.

  • Special Event License for the Heritage Festival- Putney Mountain Winery
    Fitzpatrick made a motion to approve the application for Putney Mountain Winery. Johnson-Aplin seconded.
    Motion passed.
    Johnson-Aplin made a motion to adjourn at 7:12 p.m.Selectboard resumed at 7:12 p.m.


Golob made a motion for Sanborn and Johnson-Aplin to approve pay orders. Fitzpatrick seconded.
Motion passed.

Golob and Fitzpatrick attended remotely and left the meeting at 7:15 p.m.

Payroll # 11645             $ 6,152.91
Payroll # 11646             $ 5,658.10
AP # 24008                    $ 71,985.25

Johnson-Aplin made a motion to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 7:28 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,
Wannetta Powling, Administrative Assistant