DRB Hearing Minutes March 1, 2023, Application 23-01 Part Two

Newfane Development Review Board Hearing Minutes March 1, 2023 Application 23-01

Jason Freeman, Michael Freeman (members of MJJ Realty LLC), George Lazarakis, David Cotton (DRB Chair), Walt Dadik, DRB, Lynn Forrest, DRB, David Lucido, (zoom) DRB, Erica Walch (DRB Secretary), David Hull (zoom) DRB Alternate)

Town Officials Merle Tessier (zoom) (Newfane Zoning Administrator), Wannetta Powling (Admin Asst to Newfane Selectboard),
Others, In-person: Aurelia Simonds, Tristan Simonds (abutters), Via Zoom: Attny. Sandy Shriver

The hearing was called to order at 6:00 PM and applicants and members of the public were sworn in. The DRB unanimously approved the minutes from the first date of this hearing (February 7, 2023).

This hearing had been continued from February 7, 2023. The applicants were asked to bring a revised application and site plan, which they did.

Applicants were joined by Attorney Sandy Shriver, who was representing the applicants and the abutters (Aurelia and Tristan Simonds). Atty Shriver informed the board that the easements on the two deeds allow for parking on the land owned by the Simonds. He further informed the DRB that the applicants are in the process of purchasing that land (parking area) from the Simonds’. There is a delay due to the lack of available surveyors. Once the land is surveyed, the transaction will occur. The DRB was provided with an Agreement to Adjust Boundary Lines related to that pending transaction.

Upon review of the newly submitted plans and application, the DRB decided unanimously that the change of use was permitted, the parking as described was adequate, the trash screening conforms with the by-laws, and the lighting proposed does, too.

The application was approved unanimously and the hearing was adjourned at 6:20 PM.