Newfane Seeking Economic Development Consultant (Part-Time)

The Town of Newfane is looking to hire a business consultant with experience in economic development projects to assist the town in scoping out proposed projects, applying for funding, managing the projects during the implementation phase, and managing all reporting to the granting agencies. Additionally, the consultant will be responsible for reporting back to the Selectboard on the status of the projects and making recommendations for new projects and/or suggestions to enhance the town’s economic opportunities.

This is a consultant position, not a staff position. The hours will vary from week to week as the projects take shape. We anticipate it will require between 2 and 10 hours a week, again, depending on the status of the projects. The position is being funded initially for one year and will be re-evaluated at the end of the year. Work can be done in the Newfane Town Office as well as off-site, as needed.

Residents of the Town of Newfane working with the Planning Commission are in the process of
developing a list of key projects encompassing the need for more affordable housing options, an expanded commercial base, new transportation options, community projects, and more. We are examining how ARPA funding, used strategically within U.S. Treasury rules, can be coupled with other funding from federal, state, and local sources to move these projects forward.

The Economic Development Consultant shall not simultaneously hold any elected office within the Town of Newfane and shall not be employed by or under contract with the town in any other capacity.

Reports to: Newfane Selectboard.

Salary range: Commensurate with experience.

Job Responsibilities:
Coordinate and communicate with the Selectboard and other Town officials to lead the planning and coordination of projects utilizing ARPA funds for the improvement of the Town as well as other projects that may be selected for implementation.

• Understand the rules governing the use, administration, and reporting of ARPA funds.
• Understand and advise the town as to how ARPA funds can be strategically coupled with other
federal, state, and local funding to achieve town goals.
• Create action plans to carry out goals outlined in the Newfane planning and development plans and submit for approval to the Selectboard.
• After plans are approved, oversee and track strategy implementation and its impact.
• Manage reporting requirements for ARPA funds received.
• Research and prepare grant applications to support community economic development efforts and administer grants received.
• Provide the Selectboard with information related to the status of projects.
• Develop summaries, budget amendments, status reports, financial reporting, study findings, and other documents as needed.
• Negotiate contracts with vendors on behalf of the town and with the permission of the Selectboard.
• Propose new economic enhancement and development ideas for the Town to evaluate.
• Monitor local and State legislation and regulations relating to economic and community development, and report findings to the Selectboard as well as other Town commissions and committees as appropriate.

Qualifications and Required Skills:


• A minimum of three years experience required in the areas of economic development, job
creation, special events, marketing, and/or tourism, and knowledge of the principles and
practices of strategic business development, public relations, and budget development.
• Bachelor’s Degree and project management experience preferred in addition to required work
• A working understanding of the Vermont municipal government and/or the state of Vermont
government structure, agencies, and programs.
• Possession of a valid driver’s license.
• Familiarity with the construction process and interaction with Federal and state grants
Required skills:
• Good organizational skills and the ability to work independently without direct supervision.
• Ability to work effectively with local, regional, and state agencies, businesses, other
employees, public, and media.
• Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing with proficiency in public
• Ability to analyze alternatives and offer recommendations.
• Ability to develop and negotiate contracts.
• Ability to perform effective grant writing and administration skills.
• Working knowledge of MS Office Suite including Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and basic
computer skills.

To Apply:
Please submit your resume, a one-page letter describing your interest, a writing sample (less than 5 pages), and three relevant references by email or by mail, to:

Wannetta Powling
Town of Newfane
Administrative Assistant
PO Box 36
Newfane VT 05345
802-365-7772 ext 4

The Town is accepting applications through October 15, 2021, or until such time that the position is filled.

The Town of Newfane is an Equal Opportunity Employer.