FEMA Disaster Assistance Policy for Alternate Projects

(A condensed version)

Purpose of Alternate Projects:

“This policy provides guidance on allowable uses and limitations of alternate project funds when restoration of the original damaged facility is not in the best interest of the public.”

Limitations: Ineligible Uses of Alternate Funds

  1. Repayment of debts.
  2. Meeting budget shortfalls.
  3. Creating a new community plan that extends beyond the alternate project building (e.g., a new master plan for a school, university, or hospital campus).
  4. Landscaping projects.
  5. The purchase of supplies, furniture, and equipment costing less than $5,000 per unit (considered an operating expense).
  6. To pay the non-federal share of any project, nor any operating expenses. [If any project receives any federal money, e.g. Bridge 14, anticipated work on the arch bridge inWilliamsville, the Town cannot use the funds from the alternate projects fund.]
  7. Construction of a facility that would not be eligible for Public Assistance Program funding a subsequent disaster.
  8. Buy-outs.

Allowable Uses:

  1. Can be divided and used on multiple projects to repair, expand, mitigate, or construct a facility that would be an eligible facility under the Public Assistance Program.
  2. May be used across all permanent work categories (such as expanding an existing
    • a. Upgrading a substandard undamaged road that is subject to repeated flooding.
    • b. Upgrading a facility to mitigate future disaster damage whether or not the facility was damaged by the event.
    • c. Relocating, as a mitigation measure, undamaged facilities such as roads and utilities that are subject to repetitive damage.
    • d. Purchasing pieces of equipment (such as scientific equipment, telecommuni-cations switches, fire trucks, vehicles, etc.) that exceed $5,000 per unit, and have a useful life or a year or more. Demolishing an outdated maintenance building (non-emergency work) and using the funds to construct a new water treatment plant (at the same location.)
  3. Insurance must be obtained and maintained on vehicles, buildings and building contents in an amount equal to the alternate project funding.

Full version of the document: DAP 9525 13 Alternate Project regulations