Selectboard December 7th, 2020 Minutes

Virtual Monday December 7th, 2020


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Marion Dowling, Christopher Williams, (Zoom) Shelly Huber and Angela Sanborn.

OTHERS PRESENT:  BCTV, Wannetta Powling (Zoom) Jay Wilson, Jane Douglas and Deb Luskin.

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:06 p.m. by Chair Marion Dowling.




  • November 16, 2020 Regular meeting, Ms. Sanborn made a motion to accept the minutes. Mr. Williams seconded.  4/0 Motion passed.
  • November 23rd, 2020 Budget meeting, Mr. Williams made a motion to accept the minutes. Ms. Sanborn seconded.

3/1 Motion passed with Ms. Sanborn abstaining.


  1. Sawmill Road entrance has been paved and side dressed.
  2. The Depot Rd Culvert update: We have a new contact for the easement on the Fickett property, Bob Fisher is working on this with the new attorneys for the bank that owns it.
  3. The Traffic Safety Audit has been completed for Newfane Village. We should put that on the agenda for the next meeting to discuss the next steps to take.
  4. The Sand/Salt shed update: The ROW certificate has been completed by Bob Fisher and VTRANS has accepted and approved it.
  5. The Arch Bridge was not put out to bid in November as scheduled, it was put on hold but last week they were finally given the go ahead to advertise it at the end of December.
  6. We are having Daniels Construction delay the work on Monroe Bridge until spring. They would have had the bridge down to one lane for 4-6 weeks and that would have been difficult for plowing and a hazard when slippery.

Ms. Sanborn made a motion to accept the Road Foreman’s report, Ms. Huber seconded.

Motion passed 4/0.


  • There is progress with the Social Appropriations appointments. In an effort I have made additional attempts to contact the 5 remaining groups that have failed to make contact. We have extended the deadline to December 21st to allow for these few organizations to make their appointments.  (My efforts have included the initial letter with the applications, email reminders and no less than 3 phone calls have been made.)
  • On Wednesday morning I met via Zoom with Sheriff Anderson, other representatives from the Windham County Sheriff’s Department, Putney, Dummerston and Westminster. It was an informational meeting concerning the need for animal control officer, with the WCSD devising a Regional Animal Control officer to service the towns. One of the models that were discussed would be of interest for Newfane. If the four towns start the model program there is hope that other towns will see this service being beneficial and agree to join. This would lower the cost shared by all or allow for increased coverage.
  • Johnson Control completed our annual Fire Extensor inspections at Town Office, Garage and Williamsville Hall.
  • I would like to take December 23 and 24 of December off as vacation days. When I come back to work on 28th I will be getting the Town Report in order to go to the printers by the end of January.  My intentions are to have the reports back from the printers, to be mailed no later than February 11th    I would ask that all information and reports for the Town Report be sent to me no later than December 28th.

Ms. Sanborn made a motion to accept the Administrative Assistant’s report, Mr. Williams seconded.

Motion passed 4/0.


Social Services funds request qualifications for town appropriation considerations.

  1. Karen Peterson – Aids Project
  2. Richard Marek- Historical Society
  3. David Parker- Moore Free Library
  4. Ann Goulp – South Newfane Community Association
  5. Rebecca McCuller – Timson Hill Preschool
  6. Rachel Zellem – American Red Cross
  7. Libby Bennett – Groundwork
  8.  Russell Bradbury-Carlin – Youth Services
  9. Sandy Stark – Early Education Services




#4 Court Street –90 Day Respond to Offer

Motion to Table until December 14th Budget meeting was made by Ms. Dowling and seconded by Ms. Sanborn.  Motion passed 4 /0


Australian ballot for Town Meeting (due to COVID 19)

Discussion ensued with input from Deborah Luskin.  A motion was made to table the discussion until December 21, 2020 Selectboard meeting.

Motion passed 4/0


Kate Gehring’s email to the Selectboard was read into the minutes, requesting that the Selectboard consider adding future postings of the agenda for Selectboard meetings to the Front Porch Forum.


  1. Payroll Warrant #11484     Amount $ 4,418.72
  2. Payroll Warrant #11485     Amount $ 5,403.96
  3. Payroll Warrant #11486     Amount $  4,936.72
  4. Account Payable # 21011 Amount $ 46,801.62

Ms. Sanborn made a motion to approve pay orders December 8, 2020.  Ms. Huber seconded.

Motion passed.

ADJOURN:   Motion to adjourn was made by Mr. Williams @ 8:29 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Administrative Assistant

Wannetta Powling