Selectboard Minutes November 15, 2021

Zoom Meeting     Meeting ID: 972 2791 1757   Passcode: 352680

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Angela Sanborn, Ann Golob, Shelly Huber, Katy Johnson- Aplin, and Mike Fitzpatrick (phone.)

OTHERS PRESENT:   Deborah Luskin, Chris Triebert,  Maia Segura, Dan Dewalt, Jay Wilson, Wannetta Powling & Austin Rice from BCTV.   (Zoom) Kate Gehring, Carol Hesselbach, Melissa Brown, Daniel Yates, Thomas Ely,  Jon Mack, Karen Astley, Jane Douglas, Sarah Taylor, Karen Peterson, Libby Bennett, Joanne Bourbeau, and Steven Geller.

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Selectboard Chair Angela Sanborn.



Proposal to Purchase a Gravel Pit for the Town of Newfane (PowerPoint) Presentation – Ann Golob

The information presented gave the residents of Newfane an understanding of how prices for sand and gravel have jumped over 50% within the last year as well as how difficult it has become to find the materials. A proposal is being made to the residents of Newfane to purchase a lot at the juncture of Radway Hill Road and River Road and use the site to provide our sand and gravel needs. Based on an engineering report completed for the site, the investment would provide these materials for the Town for the next 20 -30+ years.

The cost of the lot is $450,000; additionally, there are expenses to prepare the site and to apply for an Act 250 permit. There was a comparison with neighboring towns that have purchased their gravel pit, and Newfane comes in below the costs being incurred by other localities. Over a ten-year period, the Town can anticipate saving $2.1 million by having our own pit rather than purchasing materials from other suppliers.

The Act 250 process will take up to a year after the purchase is completed, and the cost may run up to $100,000 to comply with all the necessary analyses.

A special town meeting will be held on December 7 at 6:00 pm at the NewBrook Fire House located on Route 30. Newfane residents will be asked to vote on two questions: authorizing the Selectboard to purchase the property and authorizing the Selectboard to procure a loan to cover the associated costs of the purchase and other related expenses.

At the end of the presentation, there was a brief Question and Answer period.

Daniel Yates –Will this mean that you will purchase the material for this winter while waiting for the Act 250 permit process?  Jay Wilson That is what we will do for this coming 2022-2023 budget.

 Thomas Ely

  1. What is the noise factor during the crushing? Jay Wilson, Newfane Road Foreman, responded that this will be some noise; it would be a concern for those within 500′ of the machine in the pit. The plan is to do crushing for a short time once a year.
  2. Was this property the only option? Jay Wilson- we had not been concerned with the material until just recently.  Currently, this is the best option we have available.
  3. How will you stop trespassing on the property and people using it as a “shooting range” and for dumping garbage? Jay Wilson responded that a gate is the best option, similar to the one at the garage.
  4. Would the Town consider the option of using some of the material from the gravel pit to benefit the Blueberry Circle neighbors even though this is not a Town maintained road? Jay Wilson -responded that this would be a Selectboard decision.

Those who could not join the meeting on 11/15/2021 can go to our website at to see the PowerPoint presentation.


November 1, 2021, Regular Meeting

Shelly Huber made a motion to approve the Corrected Minutes of November 1, the Regular meeting.

 Ann Golob seconded the motion.  Motion passed 5/0.

 November 8, 2021, the Budget Meeting

Ann Golob made a motion to approve November 8, Budget Minutes. Katy Johnson- Aplin seconded.

Motion passed 5/0


  • I checked with the company that sold us our first radar feedback sign, and they would offer us a $200 trade-in on the unit we returned for repair. The cost to ship the rest of the sign back makes this not worthwhile.

Shelly Huber made a motion not to trade in the radar sign due to the expense of shipping. Ann Golob seconded. Motion passed 5/0.

  • I received the Arch Bridge detour plan for signage. It calls for 26 signs to be installed and the rental of 4 changeable signboards.
  • The Sand/salt shed will be going out to bid in January.
  • The Depot Rd. box culvert: I spoke with Bob Fisher and asked him to contact the VTrans Right Of Way person to try and move this forward.

Shelly Huber made a motion to approve the Road Foreman’s Report. Mike Fitzpatrick seconded.

Motion passed 5/0.


  • I will be out of the office on Friday, Nov.19th, and will return to work on Friday, November 26, to prepare for Monday, November 29, Budget meeting; while I’m out of the office, I will have remote access to my computer and will check my email daily.
  • It may be necessary to expand the appropriations appointments an extra week If we get additional calls (January 3.)
  • I would ask that the officer reports for the 2021 Town Report sent to my email by January 7. (Selectboard, DRB, Lister’s, Zoning Administrator, Road Foreman – Road Commissioner, Planning Commissioner, Conservation Commission, Treasurer-Tax Collector, Town Clerk, West River Volunteer Mutual Aid and DV Fiber.)
  • I sent a Thank You card to Walter Hagedorn on behalf of the Selectboard for his volunteer work on the flower gardens at the Town Office.

Ann Golob made a motion to approve the Administrative Assistant’s Report. Katy Johnson- Aplin seconded. Motion passed 5/0.


The following organizations gave an in-person (or Zoom) presentation regarding their appropriation request.  They also included an Informational Statement, which will be part of the 2021 Town Report.

  • Aids Project of Southern Vermont- Karen Peterson
  • Restorative Community Justice – Dan Dewalt
  • Groundworks- Libby Bennett
  • WinDart- Joanne Bourbeau
  • Women’s Freedom Center- Vickie Sterling (Rescheduled for December 20)
  • South Newfane Schoolhouse Community Association- Maia Segura
  • Southeastern Vermont Community Action (SEVCA) – Steven Geller







  1. Payroll Warrant No #11540                 Amount $    4,144.66
  2.  Account Payable No # 2210                   Amount $    83,735.92

Ann Golob made a motion to approve pay orders. Katy Johnson-Aplin seconded the motion.

Motion Passed.4/0 (Mike Fitzpatrick had withdrawn from the meeting)


Ann Golob made a motion to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 7:31 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Administrative Assistant

Wannetta Powling