Williamsville Hall Meeting Minutes, 1/8/24

Williamsville Hall Meeting Minutes, 1/8/24
Attendees: Steve Levine, Maggie Kemp, Eben Viens, and Kate Conway
Meeting called: 7:39 pm

Treasure’s report:
  Donation Fund:   $1,654.07
Capital Fund     $47,590.73

Hall details:
   We now have a lockbox, thanks to Steve. It’s just above the Commons yellow box on the porch.
Katie of the Newfane Selectboard asked if we could leave the outside Hall light on at night. The thought is that it gives Main Street some life, as opposed to driving through a dark town. The switch will be left in the “on” position.

 We’re still needing someone to work on the roof, as well as the pillars in the cellar.
At some point, the rug covering the stairway in the back stairwell leading to the basement will need to be removed. The area is damp, and the rug may hold mildew. A dehumidifier could help remedy some of the moisture in that area.

Raven has mitigated the mold on the kitchen ceiling and the stairway leading downstairs using KILZ, followed by painting. She also painted the main entryway.

Steve is going to look into clarifying the use of alcohol in the Hall. The question comes when it’s not being served but people bringing in their own.

Breakfast and movie schedule:

  b’fast /Thur.                                       movie/Fri

*1/18/24                                              1/19/24 ..
Maggie: pancakes                              Shawshank Redemption
Eben: coffee
Kate: blueberries, juice, milk, fruit salad                                      

*2/15/24                                              2/16/2
*To Be or Not To Be

 *3/15/24                                           3/16/24
                                                          Force Majeure

*4/18/24                                          4/19/24
To Be or Not  To Be
                                                          *Shop Around the Corner, taken out

Monies earned for December 2023 b’fast & movie: $83.00.
The meeting adjourned at 8:43 pm.