Williamsville Hall Meeting Minutes, 5/8/2023

Steve Levine, Jonathon Julian, Dale Stevens, Penny Tuerk, Maggie Kemp, and Kate Conway

The meeting was officially called to order @ 7:30 pm

Treasurer’s Report

Capital Fund: $27, 590.73
As of July 1st, $20,000 will be added
               Hall Fund: $3,056.01  

Old & On-going Business

Movie Night: Friday Night Movies

-this Friday, May 12th @ 7:30, 3,000 Years of Longing
We discussed future times/dates for movie night. Dale is not available on the third Friday of the month.

 The garden area outside the front door:
                               Maggie will take care of the maintenance

First breakfast is to be Thursday, June 22nd, 2023 @ 8:00-10:30
Maggie will contact Jim and Pam about a poster and advertising.
Jonathon asked about getting pancakes going for breakfast.

Hall cleaning:
Ask Adam to clean the Hall before the RRP production at the end of the month.
Kate will do this.

Steve reviewed Daniel’s quote for ameliorating the mold. It had initially seemed high, yet after re-reading it as well as Dylan’s report, what Daniel proposes to do meets the needs of taking care of professionally dealing with the mold. We need to get another quote before proceeding. Then the board needs to approve it.

Work to be completed. Randy Clark needs to finish up work on the stairway outside the
kitchen. Maggie contacted him.

we still need to find someone to work on the posts in the basement. Jonathon suggested Weston. He will check in with him about doing

New computer?
Dale found a reasonably priced, basic laptop to be used only for Hall events. It was unanimously agreed upon to make the purchase. (Steve has bought it).

Meeting adjourned @ 8:30 pm