Williamsville Hall Committee Meeting

Minutes, 2/13/24

Steve Levine, Jon Julian, Maggie Kemp, Dale Stevens, Eben Viens and Austin Rice
Meeting called: 7:34 pm

Steve will send Maggie the password for the nest, to have a back-up person in control of the heat.
Steve moved to approve the previous meetings minutes. The vote was unanimous in the affirmative.

Treasurers Report:
Donation Fund balance: $2,133.31
Capitol Fund balance: $46,210.94

Cabaret Summary:
There were 90 attendees. The organizers paid Dan DeWalt $425. There was a $120 alcohol license fee. Insurance was $119.91. Piano Tuner was $150.
There was a net profit of $388.18, half of which ($194.09) went to the Hall. Additionally, the organizers donated $50, bringing the Halls profit to a total of $244.09.

Three Duos Concert also yielded $100 for the Hall.
Raven Averill submitted a bill for $1,379.79 for her painting work.
Steve will meet with Melissa Brown to discuss the recent deposits he has made to the donation fund, as he is not seeing them reflected in the town’s accounting paperwork.

Soup Sales:
Jon submitted his invoice for Soup ingredients and packaging, going back to the 10th of November.
His total expenses came to $513.99. He deducted $113.99, to bring the final bill to the hall down to $400.
Steve reported that Soup sales in November and December yielded $414.
Jon raised the idea of offering meals for pick-up on a monthly basis. It was decided to continue with just soup, before expanding.
Jon agreed to make soup to be available on 2/22 and 2/23. He welcomed prep assistance from other committee members.
It was decided to still use paper containers but to try securing the lids with rubber bands. It was also suggested that a sign be made to make it clear not to squeeze the containers.

MPLC license renewal & upcoming movie:
The fee has been raised to $800. Jon agreed to renew the license under his name again and will be reimbursed by the town.
Jon raised the idea of showing more movies and other streaming events, such as the Super Bowl. The committee was receptive to the idea, noting that in addition to Dale, Austin, and Steve have learned how to set-up the computer and projector for such events. Steve noted however, that before putting on more events, the lackluster attendance to current offerings should be addressed.

Jon also reported that community members have commented that the start times for movies has been too late, and perhaps shifting to 7 pm or earlier would yield a better turnout.

Dale asked why the dates of the February breakfast and movie were pushed back a week. Steve explained it was done to allow more time for publicity. Eben noted that the movie choice was changed as Force Majore may not appeal to as many locals.

Maggie and Jon confirmed that publicity for the upcoming Breakfast and Movie have been posted.

Dale is unavailable for the movie screening on the 23rd, so Austin will handle projectionist duties that evening.

Jon reminded the committee that the town of Newfane has until December 2024 to earmark the remainder of the available ARPA funds, and asked if there were any other projects which could be proposed to the Selectboard.
Steve proposed that the committee ask the Selectboard for ARPA appropriations for a stand-by propane generator for the hall. Reasons for attaining said generator included; protection against pipes freezing during a particularly cold spell, ensuring that the hall could stay open and available for events during a power outage, and having the building be available as an emergency shelter. Doug Cleveland has submitted a quote of $9,000 for the generator installation

Porch Light:
Steve reported that community members have been appreciative of the porch light being left on through the night, and motioned that a light sensor be installed, so have the light only turn on after sun down. The vote was tied at three to three, with concerns raised about the light being off-putting to neighboring home-owners. It was decided that along with the light sensor, there would be changes made to the bulb and fixture to reduce light pollution. After the changes have been made, the topic will be revisted to see if opposed committee members still have reservations.

Park Bench Competition:
Dale reported that he is participating in the Newfane park bench competition and presented his design for a bench to be placed outside the Williamsville Hall. Committee members were receptive of the idea and design.

Proposed Sign:
After a lengthy discussion about Annie Landenberger’s proposed sign, the committee voted against the idea, citing concerns about the aesthetic and effectiveness of design, as well as an opposition to having a permanent fixture. Dale suggested that instead the current sandwich board be customized to have a wooden stand, aiming to be more pleasing to the eye, while still being as legible.

Ongoing Repairs:
Steve reported that the posts in the cellar, the back stairs and the roof all still need to be worked on.
It was decided that due to mold, the carpeting on the stairs needs to be removed, and the carpeting at the bottom on the concrete slab should be removed and replaced with paint. Jon will ask Raven if she is available to take on that job.
Jon will contact Aaron Betts about installing the crown moulding.

 Photo Display:
Steve presented the idea of printing, framing and hanging historical photos of Williamsville in the hall. The committee was receptive, though concerns about the size of the photos were raised. Dale offered that he could up-res the photos before Steve prints them. Steve also suggested hanging pieces by local artists.

Open Mic Night:
Eben proposed that the committee allow Gary Keiser and Linda Sherman DeFretas to start running bi-weekly (2nd and 4th) Wednesday evening Open Mic nights in the downstairs of the hall. The organizers would not charge admission and will have a donation jar out, with proceeds going toward the hall. They will also handle their own promotion. The first event would be on 2/28. The committee unanimously approved the motion.

Facebook Page:
Austin gave an update on the Williamsville Hall Facebook page. A very basic page has been created, and any photos or information which the committee would like to be featured can be sent to Austin to be added to the page. Austin will also make Eben an administrator to help with management and curation.

Adjourned at 9 pm